Last updated: Nifty new app lets consumers “teleport” gifts to friends

Nifty new app lets consumers “teleport” gifts to friends


Jifiti, inspired by co-creator Shaul Weisband’s desire to “teleport” gifts to his pals, is a simple concept that lets consumers shop for an item in a Jifiti participating store, scan the barcode with your smartphone, choose a friend to send it to and a gift code is created by the app. The recipient takes the code to the store closes to them and picks up their item by redeeming the code.

Let’s be honest, who sang us hasn’t ended up keeping a card, gift, or trinket because the logistics of getting to the post office or figuring out the package were just one thing too many? This option of discover and delight allow friends to shorten the distance between and idea and a mission accomplished. It’s also a boon for retailers as there is no need integrate additional systems to complete the purchases. Another thing, it isn’t reserved exclusively for brick and mortar stores. Shoppers can navigate in the app and purchase for friends right there.

The experience of shopping in a bricks-and-mortar location and the convenience of both mobile commerce and same-day delivery sounds like a win. The app can also be used with online channels.

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