Last updated: Who’s doing omnichannel right?

Who’s doing omnichannel right?


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What’s the biggest buzzword in retail for 2013? Simple: Omnichannel.

Brands offering consumers a seamless experience no matter what their point of access—web, mobile, traditional stores—are already engaged in omnichannel commerce, and some of those companies shared their strategies at the Bank of American Consumer and Retail Conference recently.

The Motely Fool reports that Nordstrom’s, Saks and Barnes & Noble are a few of the brands that are doing omnichannel commerce successfully. Nordstrom’s lets customers see items for sale online in a 360-degree view, Barnes & Noble makes it easy to bring a NOOK e-Reader into the store, read a sample of a book while there and then download it to take home, and Sak’s is shipping items from its stores directly to customers who buy online.

But ominchannel can’t just be a buzzword, and as these companies have shown, the future of retail is really happening right this minute, and it’s being driven by savvy consumers who are demanding that their shopping experiences be not only easy and painless but also consistent and seamless.

Macy’s has shown itself to be a true innovator in an ominchannel world. By delivering goods to customers when and how they want them, the retailer saw tremendous growth in online sales in 2012. vOerall sales grew 3.7 percent in 2012, 3.9 percent in stores open at least a year and—most impressive—a whopping 48 percent increase in online sales.

Early adopters like the Macy’s, Sak’s and Barnes & Noble will no doubt take some missteps along the way, but their point of view is the right one: An omnichannel experience is not just a hot new trend. It’s the the way that etailers with brick-and-mortar locations will continue to thrive in the future.

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