Converse’s social media strategy: Do nothing


Mashable captures the laid-back vibe of shoemaker Converse in an interview with Geoff Cotrill, the company’s chief marketing officer, who attributes his brand’s social-media prowess to a willingness to “do nothing.”

When Cottrill discovered that Converse had 8 million fans on Facebook, he says his original reaction was to keep the status quo, he tells Mashable:

“By doing nothing, I meant doing nothing special. Our philosophy in social media has been to bring our voice to the medium, which includes acting like a good party guest — we bring something to the table, and we listen more than we talk. It also means not bringing campaigns from other channels verbatim to a platform that’s about conversation.”

Likening social media to a dinner party is an apt metaphor, one that has served Converse well. The brand’s official Facebook page boasts more than 15 million fans. That’s four times more than Nike (its parent company) and eight times more than competitor Adidas.

Many strategies the company deploys across its social platforms are organic, coming out of what the fans are talking about and what’s trending online that week in pop culture. For some brands, that’s the marketing equivalent to flying without a net.

The ability—and the willingness—to adapt to and create campaigns from what fans are talking about or engaged in shows an innate understanding of the merger of commerce and social platforms. While Facebook ads continue in their struggle for real traction, companies able to meet fans where they live, so to speak, are showing tremendous success.

The number of fans of your social channels is less important that the kind of engagement you’re able to create. As Converse has shown, listening and participating in the conversation like an excellent party guest would will grow your following organically.

Read the full story at Mashable.

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