Last updated: The importance of measuring sales on cross-channel devices

The importance of measuring sales on cross-channel devices


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By Jessica Looke

More than 60% of adults in the US alone use at least two devices a day, and a recent Facebook study suggested it was becoming the norm to switch between two devices in the middle of an online activity. Tablets, smartphones and laptops all give the opportunity to adjust campaigns in detail and target more appropriate audiences.

For example, a customer’s behavior when buying a product on a smartphone would, we presume be “on the go” and rushed, meaning they would want a mobile site or app that is quick and easy to use. They research their product, look up sizes, read reviews and make impulse purchases. A customer on a laptop or tablet would have more time to search for and complete their purchase through a basket and card payment process. Streamlining a consistent design on all devices makes not only creates a user-friendly experience, but also clear data to report on later.

Social media shouldn’t be overlooked, either, when it comes to targeting via cross-channels. Having a consistent brand message on all social platforms is key to optimizing channels for performance, therefore sharing all content across all channels is important. Adwords are also an essential tool to connect to because of the clear reports it can give to you for cross-channel devices.

It is essential in a brand’s marketing and sales strategy to learn how to track this data, but many say that they don’t budget heavily when it comes to mobile strategy exactlty because they can’t track customers across various devices. Marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay and social sites like Facebook avoid this problem by having one login across all device touch points, so retargeting is simple. For smaller retailers and merchants, the best option is to give each customer an individual login and customize the experience for them once they have signed up. This kind of personalization will help retain and engage customers, and ultimately help close the purchasing process.

Jessica Looke is a Marketing Executive at eSellerPro, a specialist cloud-based multichannel platform provider that helps brands and retailers accelerate their e-commerce businesses.



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