The customer revolution: CRM, CX, and trust


So you say you want a revolution?

Good news: it’s arrived.

Most transformations are born as the result of inspirational people who are unhappy with their circumstances and can see a better way to do things. The customer revolution is no exception.

No business can thrive without customers, yet daily I’m seeing companies that seem to have forgotten who their customers are and what they want.

I’ve seen CRM take a backseat to more trendy terms and solutions as companies grow further and further from their clients.

We’ve seen countless developments and transformations in B2B and B2C with the advent of digital, but none of them change the fact that if your customer is not at the heart of what you do, you cannot survive.

Our customers count on us to be their partners in innovation and their guiding source of knowledge when it comes to serving their own customers, from pre-sales to post-service. For that reason we’ve launched SAP C/4HANA, our new customer experience suite to revolutionize Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

With this launch, SAP Hybris becomes SAP Customer Experience, reflecting our commitment to make trusted experiences the differentiator for your evolving business. SAP Customer Experience consolidates SAP Hybris, CallidusCloud, Gigya, and Coresystems under one brand for a simplified experience.

I’ve said before that everything begins and ends with the customer, and I’m proud of the things that SAP is doing to prove that we mean what we say.

Consumer expectations are fueling the customer revolution

Disappointing customer experiences have led people to revolt. Consumers are exerting their independence, and taking charge of relationships with their favorite brands. They don’t think in terms of B2B or B2C. We are living in a “Me2B” world.

The implications are clear: The customer dictates the terms and determines how they interact. If they aren’t happy, they don’t stay.

Whether your customer is an individual or a business, their expectations are the root of the design construct of 4th generation CRM.

There are three clear mandates when it comes to consumer expectations:

Protect their data. People don’t want their data used without their knowledge. Once consumers lose faith, trust is gone.

Treat people like people. Customers are not sales opportunities. They want businesses to know their preferences, anticipate their needs, and act accordingly.

Deliver on your promises. Given all the choices, channels, and options available today, customers want a consistently great experience every time.

Next-generation CRM is not about automation and efficiency, it’s about intelligent engagement and effectiveness. It places people at the center, delivering moments which feel genuine and earn trust.

A modern arsenal to lead the customer revolution: Introducing SAP C/4HANA

SAP C/4HANA is a modern integrated suite that empowers businesses with the ability to manage the complete customer experience. It modernizes the sales-only focus of legacy CRM solution by continually engaging customers, instead of ending communication once an order is placed.

By strategically adding a full spectrum of services and products that place the consumer at the heart of everything, we have assembled a modern arsenal to lead the customer revolution, hence the name C/4HANA:

C stands for customers

4 stands for 4th generation CRM

HANA stands for the personal and relationships between all clouds, databases, and services.

The suite is comprised of five clouds: Marketing, Sales, Service, Commerce, and Customer Data. The SAP Customer Data Cloud provides a complete consent-driven view of the customer and empowers them to see – and consent to – the data that businesses collect and use. Today, 1.3 billion identities are managed in the SAP Customer Data Cloud.

Based on the identity of their customers, marketers can run individualized campaigns, digital officers can deliver omnichannel experiences, sales can create personalized relationships, and finally, service executives can make every moment count.

With the acquisition of Coresystems, a Swiss-based pioneer in field service management, we bring a crowd service that taps into the gig economy to our portfolio. Read more about the acquisition here.

Perhaps the best part of SAP C/4HANA is that it taps into the digital core of SAP S/4HANA in a way only we can do. The strength of the customer experience is defined by the strength of the digital core.

SAP C/4HANA is deeply rooted in our history of providing end to end integrated processes. It acknowledges that trust is given, not earned, and that every relationship is personal. It makes connecting with customers easy, while fostering lifelong relationships that matter.

It is a privilege for me to be at the forefront of the customer revolution with you.

Download our free Gold Guide and learn more about what this revolution can do for you and your customers here.

Alex Atzberger
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Alex Atzberger

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