The winds of change: Marketing in modern times


In our day to day working lives as marketers we often don’t get a chance to rise above our busy daily schedules and tasks to really observe our customers.

No doubt customers have changed – and continue to change – and there are important implications regarding how marketers must adjust to our ever-morphing customers.

To this point, we have partnered with Loyalty360. We held conversations with marketing executives from top brands about the state of marketing, and produced a report “How Customers Are Changing and How Marketers Should Respond.”

Marketing in modern times

In our upcoming four-part blog series, we will discuss each of the key themes within the paper:

Tuesday, August 7th: How brands are moving towards a digital or mobile-first presence as the demand for convenience grows.

Thursday, August 9th: What measures brands are taking to meet heightened customer expectations across all touchpoints.

Monday, August 13th: How brands are meeting the challenge of keeping up with more informed, educated, and fluid customers.

Wednesday, August 15th: How external factors – beyond a brand’s control – can create additional challenges…or opportunities.

Take a break from your day-to-day schedule and join the webinar “How Customers Are Changing and How Marketers Should Respond You’ll learn all key themes and what your peers are doing to convert on market opportunity.

Bernard Chung
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Bernard Chung

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