The FOMO is real: What you can’t miss at SAP Customer Experience LIVE


More than 2,000 professionals from a broad range of industries will hear what the best and brightest leaders in the customer experience, digital transformation, retail, B2B, marketing, and more have to say about emerging trends and applications. 

Here are the top experiences, speakers and sessions you simply can’t miss at SAP Customer Experience LIVE.


The SAP Customer Experience LIVE keynotes are the headline addresses where our executives and guests will share their vision of the future. You’ll hear from the following SAP and SAP Customer Experience executives, global thought leaders, and special guests:

Wednesday, October 10

  • Alex Atzberger, President, SAP Customer Experience
  • Nicholas Cumins, Strategy, SAP Customer Experience
  • Giles House, GM SAP Sales Cloud Customer Experience
  • Georg Glantschnig, SVP SAP Service Cloud Customer Experience
  • Patrick Salyer, General Manager, SAP Customer Data Cloud
  • Ulf Bonfert Head of Engineering, SAP Enterprise Commerce
  • Thomas Hertz, Head of C/4 CORE at SAP Customer Experience
  • Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President One Commercial Partner Channel Chief, Microsoft
  • Alicia Tillman, CMO, SAP
  • Christian Klein, COO and Member of the Executive Board SAP SE, SAP

Thursday, October 11

  • Moritz Zimmerman, CTO, SAP Customer Experience
  • Dr. Thomas Vetter, Head SAP C/4 HANA Suite Development
  • Jackie Palmer, Global VP, Strategy and Solution Management, SAP
  • Jennifer Kling, PM Sales Cloud, SAP Customer Experience
  • Volker Hildebrand, VP SAP Service Cloud, SAP Customer Experience
  • Ben Jackson, Head of Sales for SAP Customer Data Cloud
  • Ulf Bonfert, SVP & Head of Enterprise Commerce at SAP Customer Experience


There are more than 500 incredible sessions available, and a wide range of incredible speakers. That’s a lot of content, and there is literally something for everyone. However, we’d like to call special attention to just a sample of can’t-miss speaker presentations.

Day One: 

  • Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President One Commercial Partner Channel Chief, Microsoft
  • Alicia Tillman, CMO, SAP
  • Christian Klein, COO and Member of the Executive Board SAP SE, SAP
  • Jackie Palmer, Global VP, Strategy and Solution Management
  • Sonesh Shah, VP of Brand and Digital of Bosch Tool
  • Vijay Nidumolu, Executive Director, Ernst and Young
  • Manuel Grenacher, CEO Coresystems, SAP Field Service Cloud 
  • Jacques Arrighi, SVP of Sales & Service Still
  • Michael Bowler, Group Head of Customer Engagement and Transformation at TUI GROUP
  • Adrian Nash, Head of Product Management for SAP Customer Data Cloud
  • Ben Jackson, Head of Sales for SAP Customer Data Cloud
  • Mike Conley, Chief Information Officer, Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Todd Thompson, CIO, doTERRA
  • Jan Detert, Global Technology Services Head, Nestle
  • Chris Hauca, Head of Strategy, SAP Enterprise Commerce
  • Steve Novoselac, TREK
  • Agnieszka Janik, Software Development Manager, SAP CX
  • Martin Barzauner, CEO, Netconom

Alex Atzberger Keynote: Creating Purpose in Every Moment

Abstract: There is opportunity in each moment, a chance to connect with purpose and build a strong bond with customers. This requires a complete transformation in how we understand customer experience. Join Alex Atzberger to discover how you can use C/4HANA to put the customer first, connect their journey, and make every moment matter. 

Marketing Cloud Keynote: Marketing as a Trusted Source of Business

Abstract: Customer trust is a prerequisite for engagement. Learn from SAP Marketing Cloud GM Nicholas Cumins how SAP’s Marketing Cloud solution is built on trust from the ground-up. With SAP’s approach, bringing together a single view of all customer information –including front and back office data, built-in consent-based marketing, and intelligent optimization tools – marketers can deliver personalized engagements that will drive revenue. 

Sales Cloud Keynote: Kissing the Apex, Selling at 200mph 

Abstract: The function of sales has evolved from managing opportunities to creating customer experiences. In 80% of cases, customers have already made their mind up before they talk to sales. Yet most CRM systems are stuck in yesterday’s sales motion. Learn from SAP Sales Cloud GM Giles House how SAP Sales Cloud works where traditional CRMs don’t: enabling sales to go faster, be smarter, and build trusted and lasting customer relationships.

Service Cloud Keynote: The SAP Service Cloud Experience

Abstract: Discover how the core moments of customer experience come to life through great customer service, with Georg Glantschnig, SVP of SAP Service Cloud and Manuel Grenacher, CEO of Coresystems. SAP Service Cloud, part of the C/4HANA suite, helps companies understand the voice of the customer, empower customer service teams to deliver service excellence, create great self-service experiences, and enable end-to-end resolution of customer issues.  

Customer Data Cloud Keynote: Discover the Future of Enterprise Customer Data Management

Abstract: Customers demand a great customer experience, just not at any cost.  In today’s ever-changing data privacy environment, trust becomes the ultimate currency. Join SAP Customer Data Cloud GM Patrick Salyer along with other key executives and clients to discover how customer data management can drive trusted, personalized experiences in the GDPR era. You’ll also get insights into the product road map and integration strategy with the broader SAP ecosystem.

Commerce Cloud Keynote: Win with SAP Commerce Cloud Innovations

Abstract: In a customer experience-led world, commerce is no longer a platform but is now a feature connected throughout the consumer journey. Join SAP Commerce Cloud leaders to learn strategies on how businesses can succeed in the digitally transformed world of commerce. Discover our latest innovations, from embedded machine learning in SAP Commerce Cloud and progressive web application, to new approaches for managing product content.

C/4HANA Platform Keynote: Technology driving SAP C/4HANA

Abstract: The digital customer revolution is here. Now, more than ever, adopting the right technology is critical for every company looking to deliver intelligent customer engagements. In this keynote, Thomas Hertz, Head of C/4 CORE at SAP Customer Experience, will discuss how SAP C/4HANA technology suite brings together the 5 clouds: sales, service, marketing, commerce and customer data management to deliver the enterprise “glue” to 4th generation CRM Suite processes. A short Q&A closes the session.  

 Day two:

  • Eugenio Cassiano, Chief Innovation Officer, SAP Customer Experience
  • David Munczinski, CEO, Brickwork
  • Sheryl Kingstone, Vice President, Customer Experience & Commerce; General Manager, Voice of Connected User Landscape, 451 Research
  • Kashif Rahamatullah, Principal, Deloitte

Innovation Keynote: The integrated intelligent customer front office suite

Abstract: Get the inside track on the latest innovations from the labs, plus see exclusive scenario-driven demos with Moritz Zimmerman, CTO of SAP Customer Experience. With special guests that will showcase solutions and sneak peeks, this keynote is a chance to start planning for tomorrow’s transformation, today. 

C/4HANA Keynote: The business behind C/4HANA – the integrated, intelligent front-office suite

Abstract: Explore the perfect environment for business transformation with Thomas Vetter, Head of C/4 CORE at SAP Customer Experience. Lead by Thomas, the session features analyst Sheryl Kingstone, Vice President of Customer Experience at 451 Research, and culminates with a panel that includes implementation partner Deloitte so you can get real insights on how to transform for success right now. The session includes a Q&A. 

We can’t wait to see you there

Amy Hatch
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October 8, 2018
Amy Hatch

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