Win the retail shelf with a stellar mobile sales experience


Retailers today are doing everything they can to reach consumers where they spend so much of their time: Their mobile phones.

They’ve built e-commerce operations designed to make it easy for consumers to buy on-the-go. They’re also providing mobile-friendly in-store experiences that allow shoppers to use their cell phones to get product details, read product reviews, and pay without going to the cashier.

For consumer product companies with sales reps in the field visiting retail stores, supporting retail execution and the mobile experience is just as critical.

These sales reps often visit eight or more stores a day. They can’t afford to be slowed down with laptops or calling up the office for information. They need information at their fingertips via their mobile phones and tablets, and tools that enable them to be as efficient and productive as possible.

Supporting these road warriors in the field enables them to provide a perfect in-store experience for customers that drives brand loyalty and results.

Move quickly with purpose

With only so many hours in the day, sales reps need all the help they can get optimizing their day to avoid any delays. They need to cover their territory as efficiently as possible.

Imagine the productivity gains if sales reps can optimize their day based on strategic sales targets, business goals or even accidents on the road, all from their mobile device. With real-time data about customers, opportunities, and traffic conditions, they can dynamically focus on the right priorities and right visits at the right time.

If they don’t have to waste time stopping and searching for a Wi-Fi or cellular signal, they can zip through their day. Using the mobile app, they can quickly see what they need to do at each visit, and easily log notes and updates to records using their voice. Reducing the number of clicks the rep needs to navigate the app further streamlines their day.

When the customer is ready to buy, orders can be placed on the spot, with sales reps checking inventory levels and delivery dates to ensure store shelves are never left bare. And when sales reps want to check their compensation – salespeople are motivated by their commissions, after all – they can easily look it up on their mobile device. And in the event that they disagree with a payout, they can file the dispute online.

All this efficiency means more and better store visits to drive sales performance.

Delivering customer value thanks to a powerful mobile sales experience

With full mobile support, sales reps in the field can provide the kind of experience that today’s buyers expect. Anything that falls short risks losing shoppers to a competitor.

When they reach the store and get out of the car, sales reps should be able to make a product recommendation that’s relevant to the customer. They need to be able to learn on the go about new products and promotions with mobile learning management systems and training. Video assessments scored with AI ensure every rep in the field is on-point with their messaging and can quickly deliver sales collateral and relevant analytics to each customer.

A mobile tool that fully connects the front office to the back office makes it possible for salespeople in the field to see past orders and make individual product and basket recommendations based on real-time inventory.

Armed with all the necessary training and data, sales reps can be the knowledgeable, trusted advisor customers want.

Drive results

A full mobile sales experience ensures that sales reps can create a perfect store experience that delivers on corporate sales goals.

Self-paced and recommended training pushed to their mobile or wearable devices enable sales reps to make the most from each interaction and store visit. They don’t have to carry around a laptop to conduct surveys and confirm promotion compliance. Instead, they can simply take a planogram photo of the store display with their phone or tablet and move on to their next prioritized activity.

With offline access, they can order additional inventory to build volume that maximizes revenue and profitability.

Untethered and unencumbered, sales reps are empowered to deliver the perfect store experience that drives customer loyalty and sustained growth.

Learn how to transform the mobile retail sales experience to create the perfect store experience here.

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Shawn Willett

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