Ohmmmm: How mindfulness in sales can boost profits and performance


As a busy salesperson, you might laugh off the idea of practicing mindfulness in sales. How can you possibly stop in the middle of a hectic day of calls and customer meetings to try some trendy new-age kind of thing?

But mindfulness has become an important concept in business, for good reason.

Its workplace benefits, including improved productivity, reduced stress, and increased engagement, are well documented. Big-name companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are all in, with mindfulness part of their employee programs.

Think about the potential in sales: Being more productive, focused, and relaxed is only going to help your sales performance. So what do you have to lose?

Mindfulness in sales: tips for better sales performance

Here are some tips for being more mindful – that is, being engaged in what’s happening in the moment — and how it can pay off in sales. It’s all about reigning in the ever-wandering mind and focusing on what’s happening now.

  1. Slow down and listen. In sales, it’s easy to get caught up in calling as many prospects as possible or rushing at the end of the quarter to close a deal. But if you don’t actually listen to what a customer has to say or ask questions, it’s going to turn off the customer and torpedo any chance of a deal. Running mindlessly through a pitch or presentation won’t get you anywhere. Modern B2B sales require understanding the customer and their needs. When you’re in a meeting, turn off your phone or take other steps to help you focus and provide the personalized experience customers today demand.


  1. Okay, this seems obvious, but remembering to breathe is important in a high-stress situation, which sales often is. Taking several deep breaths and focusing on your breath going in and out can have a calming effect that will help you get through a difficult call or challenging day. You’ll be in a better mindset, putting you a position to succeed.


  1. Focus on the positive. In a profession where losses are more common than wins, it helps to concentrate on the good stuff. Remembering the wins can help you bounce back after a loss and also put you in a good frame of mind as you go into a meeting or make the next call. Paying attention to positive happenings during the day – perhaps a customer agreeing to meet, a good coaching session with your manager, or a colleague providing insight into a prospect – helps you perform at your best.


  1. Along the same lines, visualization of positive outcomes is another technique for achieving successful results. However, instead of calming the mind and focusing on the present, visualization activates the mind to counter the tendency to dwell on negative. For many of us, it’s natural to worry or dwell on the worst-case scenario, but research has shown that imagining positive outcomes works. Imagining wins is a common practice for many elite athletes such as swimmer Michael Phelps, who holds the record for Olympic gold medals. So when you’re working a deal, focus on what you want to happen to boost your chances of winning.

Mindfulness is easier said than done. Our lives today are filled with so many distractions – we’re always texting, emailing, and on social media. Everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere. But making a concerted effort to slow down and focus on the present will translate to happier customers and more sales.

Resources, best practices, and self-care pointers for
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Marcia Savage
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Marcia Savage

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