Reimagining HR amid COVID-19: The evolution of human resources


Human resources is all about helping employees feel connected, supported, empowered, and engaged – yet people often forget that HR professionals are employees, too. The boundaries between work and leisure were getting blurry even before the COVID-19 crisis hit. Now, there isn’t a boundary for many of us — we live and work in the same place. To make matters more complicated, it’s also our kids’ new school and our significant other’s office, too. It’s no wonder that people are stressed.

On this episode of Tech Unknown, we’re digging into the challenges that HR leaders are facing as we adjust to a constantly-shifting new normal. Our experts share how they are helping their organizations adapt for the moment — and, more importantly, develop new ways of interacting with employees that will pay dividends long after the current crisis has passed.

Listen, learn, leap: How human resources is responding to COVID-19 – while also scripting the future of work

HR leaders have an even harder job than most for adjusting to the work-from-home lifestyle. They have to manage their own work/life balance while making sure their employees are feeling supported, connected, and engaged. And all without the ability to stop by someone’s desk and see how they’re doing.

But it’s no longer a question of weathering the current crisis – the nature of work is changing. These changes were in motion before COVID-19 hit, but they’ve been amplified and accelerated. The future of work will be more flexible and less centralized than it’s ever been – and it will be up to HR leaders to find new ways to support employees.

During this episode, we touch on the numerous facets of how COVID-19 is impacting HR, including:

  1. How HR leaders can use technology to measure and improve employee engagement
  2. How to adopt a forward-looking mindset for HR
  3. How HR leaders can position themselves now for future growth
  4. How SAP customers are using technology to reinvent HR

About our guests

Luke Marson is the President of iXerv and an HR strategy expert known for his expertise in end-to-end HR technology strategy, assessment and implementation. You can find more from Luke on the iXerv blog.

Marc Havercroft is the Global Chief Customer Officer for SAP Cloud Business Group and SAP SuccessFactors. He is a digital transformation expert with a focus on future workforce strategy & design.

Wise words on human resources amid COVID-19

“The number one challenge is to make sure that people feel connected to the organization. And that they also feel cared for by the organization, and understand what the organization is doing to change what was ‘business as usual’ to what the new ‘business as usual’ is.” Marc Havercroft

“It’s not just about collecting the opinions, insights, and thoughts of employees. It’s also about the  ability to analyze that information, being able to get metrics on trends and the successes and challenges in the execution of your employee engagement and employee experience strategies.” Luke Marson

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