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Master the Art & Science of Marketing

Now in its fourth year, the SAP Emarsys Power to the Marketer Festival brings together leading brands and innovative marketers from all across the globe, to shine a spotlight on the trailblazing strategies, tactics and campaigns they orchestrate.

This year’s Festival explores both the ‘Art’ (think content, channels, creativity, connection) and the ‘Science’ (think data, IT & technology, revenue impact) of marketing.

Join us for our LIVE online Omnichannel Masterclass sessions where we’ll be showcasing the work of marketers who successfully blend Art and Science to deliver omnichannel campaigns that drive retention and customer loyalty.​

What: Emarsys Power to the Marketer Festival Omnichannel Masterclass
When: June 7-8, 2023
Where: OnDemand
How: Watch NOW.

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Art + Science:
The path to customer loyalty

Customer loyalty comes down to your ability to build meaningful relationships with customers. This requires demonstrating to your customers that you understand them as individuals, appreciate their unique needs and desires, and can provide them with the experiences that give them value.

You also need the technology that will allow you to deliver personalized engagements to them, wherever they are, at the most impactful moments. You need visibility into where they’re at on their journey with your brand, and which segments to target with the right message.

At the Power to the Marketer Omnichannel Masterclass you’ll learn about:

  1. The ART of Marketing Hear how fellow marketers use channels and content in a creative way to deliver relevant, stand-out experiences their customers love​.
  2. The SCIENCE of Marketing Take a deep-dive into the data strategies and tech stacks that form the foundation of engaging marketing campaigns that drive business outcomes.
  3. TRUE Customer Loyalty See how global brands build lasting relationships with their customers by using innovative strategies and tactics that use the art and science of marketing to their full potential.

Watch on demand HERE.

Power to the Marketer. Science and Art.

Digital Leaders, Global Brands, Candid Insights

More info on our Omnichannel Masterclass sessions:

SAP Emarsys: Product Strategy, Roadmap and Innovations

Omnichannel means “being there” on the channels your customers want, reacting to their behavior in the moment and creating loyalty through personalization. In this session, SAP Emarsys will discuss how their Customer Engagement Platform unlocks time to value by onboarding your data easily and executing campaigns fast, uses AI to power personalization and is undergoing continuous improvement to meet the demanding needs of marketers in 2023 and beyond.

Fireside Chat: Perfecting the Art of Loyalty to Drive Retention and Revenue

Despite the current global economic downturn, consumer research reveals that brand loyalty has increased, but the question is–why?

In this session, we’ll discuss the latest trends when it comes to loyalty and reveal the best omnichannel marketing use cases that deepen customer relationships, improve retention, and drive business growth faster than ever before.

Mastering Non-Promotional Promotion: Reformation’s ‘SMS Heard Around the World’

Discover how sustainable fashion brand Reformation harnessed the power of SMS to engage their mobile-first, Millennial and Gen Z audience while staying true to their brand voice.

It’s Raining Revenue! How Movable Ink Built a Revenue Waterfall for Brandsdal

Brandsdal, a leading Norwegian beauty and cosmetics e-commerce brand, found themselves toe-to-toe with a common e-commerce marketing challenge. How do you perfect the art of creating a highly personalized customer experience that goes beyond merely recommending products based off recent web browsing behavior? Enter Movable Ink. By using Movable Ink for Email + Stories, Brandsdal built a ‘super waterfall’ campaign that drove 147 Conversions with an AOV of $60, resulting in $8k in revenue.

The New Change Agents: How Top IT and Marketing Teams Drive CX Innovation

According to IDG, 53% of CIOs expect to increase their involvement in CX in the future. Given the critical role that tech plays in digital marketing, it’s no surprise that forward-thinking businesses are looking for ways to blend the Art of marketing with the Science of IT to drive CX innovation.

In this session, Retail Touchpoint’s VP of content, Alicia Esposito will moderate a panel of digital leaders from global brands to discuss a range of topics, including how to bring your customer centric vision to life

Grow Your Business with a Customer Centric Data Strategy

In this session, SAP’s Head of Global Product Marketing and Solutions, Chris O’Hara, will share how to effectively put customers at the heart of your data strategy and facilitate experiences that drive lifetime value. You’ll see how an enterprise-wide customer data foundation bridges organizational silos, enables real-time customer insights where decisions are made, and fuels personalized experiences that show that you truly know your customer.


Tune in for candid, practitioner-focused LIVE online sessions where digital leaders will share how they deliver omnichannel campaigns that achieve true customer loyalty.

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