Transform citizen engagement for a digital age


The challenge facing many government organizations is translating policy and legislative changes into citizen services and representation, all while dealing with outdated legacy systems and the need for more virtual services. This is a great opportunity for public entities to transform and improve citizen engagement using digital channels, in order to provide services quickly, efficiently and consistently.

A key aspect of citizen engagement is to interact with people according to their digital preferences. From mobile devices to accessing 24/7 customer service lines, to nudge based services using chat bots, citizens are now available to engage more often, if government agencies are able to provide them the means to do so.

Using the right technology and integrations, public entities can use three approaches to increase citizen engagement now:

  • Provide seamless access to services through ease of use in document handling, requests, payments, permits, and registrations in areas such as:

    • Deliver public services online (parking permits, building plans, grievances).

    • Make social services available online (finding what services I may be eligible for, application for assistance, automatic ordering of health and ID cards).

    • Managing tax and revenue (online taxpayer services across channels, allowing free exchange of information between citizens and government, at large).

  • Enable fast implementation of citizen engagement projects to improve access to services for a larger percentage of the population, and do so quickly, and efficiently, by providing:

    • Prebuilt capabilities and templates specific to public service agencies

    • Digital channels for service requests

    • A platform to support and launch emerging technologies like AI, ML and chatbots

    • Lower customer service costs with better outcomes

  • Manage the citizen experience to enhance customer service and increase engagement

    • Reduce congestion and inefficiencies interfering with access to services

    • Reduce costs to serve citizens

    • Increase donations and contributions

    • Increase likelihood of positive media coverage

The bottom line is that greater access to government services online in a streamlined and efficient manner, increases customer satisfaction that in turn supports higher rates of engagement.

Understanding the role of customer service in the digital age brings cost savings and increased efficiency to government and public sector institutions, while amplifying the power of citizen engagement. The impacts of improving response times, efficiency, and customer-facing interactions include increased engagement when citizens are given the right tools.

To find out more about how public entities can create a platform to increase public engagement, read more about the specialized services offered by SAP Hybris here

Kathleen O'Brien
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June 12, 2017
Kathleen O'Brien

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