Last updated: New app lets users buy direct from Facebook

New app lets users buy direct from Facebook


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Soldsie is a new app that lets Facebook users purchase goods from brands using that social platform simply by writing the word “sold” in a comment on status updates.

The San Francisco-based startup just got $1 million in seed funding, and it could be the answer for companies that have searched high and low for a quantifiable way to benefit from social media.

Soldsie completes the transaction and gives businesses an interface for tracking and processing sales.

Benefits of making it easier for consumers to buy

Taking an online experience from content consumption to engagement, and onto purchasing is an incredibly powerful tool to build loyalty and brand awareness.

“For brands, selling on Facebook can be easy and engaging and still bring in more sales,” said Chris Bennett, CEO of Soldsie, in a press release. “Facebook is about interacting, commenting on posts, and having conversations, and that’s exactly how our app works.”

When content goes from one-sided to interactive it:

  • Allows consumers to enjoy literal and figurative ownership
  • Consumer actions offer insight
  • Extends time on the site and increases the potential for increased impressions
  • Content with rewards is more likely to be shared

Fast, flexible e-commerce
is just a few clicks away

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