Last updated: Get ready to cater to Generation Z

Get ready to cater to Generation Z


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A new study reveals that when it comes time to play, two-thirds of children between the ages of 7 and 13 prefer to get gadgets over toys. This new demographic even has its own name: Generation Z.

Infographic displaying multiple stats about Generation Z.

Gen Z: Forget changing the game – they’re going to change the world

That number is staggering for plenty of reasons, not the least of which is that an entire generation of native users of tablets and smartphones will grow up expecting a seamless integration of their experiences – both entertainment and commerce.

Another interesting fact: Children are often major influencers when it comes to what their parents purchase.

A parent whose child wants a tablet is more likely to purchase one – and also, more likely to use one themselves.

More than half of the Gen Z children surveyed also revealed that they do their research online prior to lobbying mom and dad – which bodes for a very different future of work once they enter the workforce.

The consumer and employee of the future is going to be a savvy one, indeed.

HR, better.
Employees, happier.
Businesses, healthier.
It’s time to modernize the employee experience.

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