Last updated: Factors to consider before implementing a mobile strategy

Factors to consider before implementing a mobile strategy


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Organizations must develop a mobile strategy that fits their business AND their customers.

Here’s a list of factors and considerations to help shape your mobile strategy:

Audience Who is your target audience? This is by far the most important factor.
Elements to consider include:

  • age
  • geographic location
  • number of customers you wish to reach
  • their preferred mobile platform or devices
  • whether customers have requested a mobile app – via customer service contact or social network
  • What does your organization expect to achieve from its mobile strategy: wider audience reach, increased sales?
  • What products or services will be delivered to the mobile audience: the entire range, select items, special promotions?
  • How will mobile integrate with your organization’s existing e-commerce environment to ensure consistent communication across all touch points? Consider systems, business processes and data.
Budget Has the organization accounted for costs associated with building a mobile commerce strategy? Whether you ultimately build mobile applications or optimize your website for mobile devices, it’s important to budget accordingly.
Timeline While it’s important to move quickly to drive sales from the mobile touch point, reasonable expectations for deliverables must be established.
Internal Team Develop an internal group that includes both business and IT staff with the knowledge and skills to grow the mobile commerce strategy. Give them theauthority to manage the program, and responsibility for budgeting.

These factors will help set the priorities for your mobile commerce strategy.

Next, your organization must consider whether to focus efforts on enhancing its commerce website for use by mobile devices, or to develop specific mobile apps – or both.

There is debate about which approach is best, however, everyone agrees that organizations, especially retailers, must take action.

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