Last updated: Infographic: Facebook still dominates social logins

Infographic: Facebook still dominates social logins


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Social media long ago ceased to be a fad, and has gained intense traction among consumers looking to give compliments, voice services concerns and curate their lives, particularly when it comes to their shopping preferences.

Retail uses social media to engage with consumers

There’s no question that retail (and even B2B) brands looking to engage customers in an omnichannel experience (which they no longer simply want but demand) must have a social strategy in place.

The social log-in has become standard both online and for mobile, and this infographic below from Gigya shows some absolutely fascinating data about how shoppers use their social identities across a variety of apps and sites.

Infographic reflecting the numbers on how frequently Facebook is used for social logins

Social logins, identity management, and trust

The responsibility is on brands to thread the needle of offering convenience for consumers while also maintaining a level of security integrity that protects consumers. Whether it’s adopting a CIAM to fortify security or diving into a CDP, investing time, resources, and focus in security, access, and convenience is paramount to brands’ success and customer loyalty.

As consumers understand omnichannel as the bar, being thoroughly effective and responsive has to be at the center of CX strategy.

Whatever route you decide to take, the social arena asa place to engage with consumers is here to stay.

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