Last updated: How the Internet of Things is transforming the industrial sector

How the Internet of Things is transforming the industrial sector


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The use of data – big data if you prefer – can take on many forms. My preferred application is its ability to paint a clearer picture of what is important and provide clarity from what can be a haphazard collection of ledger lines, surveys, reports and projections.

When it comes to breaking down the multi-faceted components, resources, and benefits the Internet of Things encompasses – its’ portrait offers an intriguing display of opportunity, investment and concern.

IoT’s surge into the everyday lives of nearly every person on the planet obviously represents significant social and cultural change, with its impact being felt in numerous areas.

For the purposes of this article, we’re going to stay focused on how the IoT will specifically impact manufacturing.

Although a number of definitions exist, we’ll cherry-pick from a couple in providing some context.

For manufacturers, the IoT refers to an infrastructure or network that’s been constructed so a variety of unique devices, machines, software platforms, etc. can be connected – either physically or remotely to access and share all of the data being generated.

This advanced connectivity translates to an abundance of operational, supply chain, and purchasing information that can be used to analyze a multitude of factors both historically and in real-time.

Globalization brings IoT closer to home

Improved market conditions, along with goals that include shortening time-to-market and expanding asset utilization, have led manufacturers to invest more heavily in infrastructure and operational systems that allow for competing in an increasingly global marketplace. Much of this investment is tied to new equipment, software, and data accessibility.

As these new pieces of the operational puzzle have been added, they essentially represent new data points and connections within the manufacturer’s information network.

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