Last updated: The age of video: Using storytelling to build your brand

The age of video: Using storytelling to build your brand


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Jackson’s Honest Chips is a fast-growing start-up in Natural Foods. They are also a brand built with a purpose and great example of how to use the power of video storytelling to drive growth.

When 2-year-old Jackson Reamer was struck down with a sudden, inexplicable illness that stopped him from being able to walk, made eating painful and sleep difficult the doctors had no answers.

As Scott and Megan Reamer searched for answers to their son’s illness they discovered that changing Jackson’s diet to eliminate refined sugars, remove man-made fats and replace them with natural, healthy fats such as coconut oil helped make his symptoms disappear and stabilize his health.

“We discovered there are fats that harm,” says Scott, and fats that heal.” After experimenting with recipes that used natural fats and non-genetically modified (GMO) potatoes the Reamer’s were able to create a healthy snack that tasted great and didn’t make Jackson sick. This is how Jackson’s Honest Potato Chips were born.

Making the chips from their kitchen in Crested Butte the Reamers found that their friends, family and neighbors all loved them. As demand grew they soon began searching for more locally grown non-GMO potatoes, coconut oil suppliers and partners to help them make and distribute their snack.

Introduced to the Narrator Group through a distributor, the family explored the idea of video storytelling as a way to build interest from investors, sales people, grocery buyers and consumers.

The video, which is just over 6-minutes long, is a heart-tugging struggle of a mother and family searching to find help for their sick child. It’s also an inspiring tale of how something tragic can turn into something positive.

In 2013 The Narrator Group created the video story of Jackson’s Honest Chips and entered it into Intuit’s Super Bowl Commercial Contest where it finished in the top 20 out of 40,000 entries. This exposure, combined with using the video at Natural Foods conferences, caught the attention of retailers like Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage where Jackson’s Honest Chips are now sold.

Jackson’s Honest Chips from The Narrator Group on Vimeo.

“People are hard-wired for story,” says Jay Sunny, Executive Creative Director for Narrator Group. “When you stop trying to advertise, and start storytelling, a funny thing happens – you win over people’s hearts and minds.”

Every brand is a great story just waiting to be told. The key to creating it and telling it well is to unlock the feelings and emotion that move people to act.

Think about your business for a moment. Is your marketing and advertising really telling the story of your brand in a way that stirs people’s emotions?

Maybe it’s time you looked beyond traditional advertising and marketing tactics and into video storytelling as a powerful alternative to build your brand.

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