Last updated: Retailers, only one of six consumers reads your email newsletter

Retailers, only one of six consumers reads your email newsletter


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In an attempt to better understand consumer expectations, Swym conducted a survey of our target users on what they thought of retail newsletters, and uncovered some pretty cool insights. I wanted to share those insights because they are valuable in the broader context.

The average retail consumer

In terms of audience profiles, the respondents represent the typical shopper – consumers that frequent their favorite retail stores a few times a month (not including grocery stores), are mobile-savvy, and a little more than half of them believe they spend at least $100 a month at these stores on average. About 60 percent of our respondents were women, and two-thirds were between the ages of 20 and 40.

58 percent of users said they’ve shared their email addresses with the retail stores. 

That is six out of every 10 users telling the store that they’d like to hear from them! Granted the stores offer compelling incentives for users to sign up (such as spot discounts and special offers) but this is precisely what makes Email such a powerful channel to build engagement and loyalty; it is one of the few channels where shoppers opt themselves in and are interested in communicating with the retail brands.

It doesn’t get more powerful than that.

So we asked these users what motivated them to share their email. No surprise there, almost three in four do so to receive information on Offers and Deals on products that might interest them. A little over 50 percent do so to hear about new product announcements, product catalogs etc. And one-third of the users say they’d like to hear about special promotions, sale events and the like.

What it should mean

It is clear from their responses that consumers sign up for email marketing because there is strong underlying affinity to the retailer and they are willing to listen. Email is the medium that facilitates a great first step to building a relationship between them.

What it really is

Only 16 percent of users even read most or all of these emails.

Take a minute to reflect on that: Of the six out of 10 consumers that put their hand up and said they’d like to hear from the retailer, only one of the six is actually reading those emails on a regular basis. The other five simply aren’t finding enough value – despite them wanting to.

Email newsletters open rate

When users were asked if they were receiving the value from these retailer emails they signed up for, the vast majority felt they weren’t.

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