Last updated: Infographic: 5 key factors in a winning omnichannel experience

Infographic: 5 key factors in a winning omnichannel experience


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For brands that want to reach modern customers, omnichannel commerce is no longer optional. The contemporary customer makes purchasing decisions that unfold over multiple touchpoints—online, offline, via mobile and on social channels.

Research from Internet Retailer reveals that consumers are spending more and more time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. In fact, retailers report a 42 percent increase in referrals from these channels. This means shoppers are far more likely to consult a social channel before making a purchase. And, when they do decide to buy, they are looking for low-cost, speedy delivery, simple and effective online and voice customer service options, and the ability to make returns and exchanges at the physical location.

In other words, they want every avenue available to them, at every minute of the day, and if you aren’t ready to meet them there, you’re going to lose out.

The infographic below points out the five key factors that create a winning omnichannel experience, with the data to back it up:

  • 71 percent of customers expect to view in-store inventory online
  • 50 percent of shoppers expect in-store pick-up
  • 80 percent of consumers are more likely to consider purchasing from brands they follow on social media

But here’s the fact that should blow you away—80 percent of revenue for most companies comes from just 20 percent of their loyal customers. Brands that create a consistent, engaging and personal experience for their shoppers will benefit the most. Investing in a high-quality omni-channel commerce approach pays off.

Check out the rest of the data, and tell us: What is lacking in your omni-channel strategy, or what is working?

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