Last updated: New research: B2B customer experience still lags behind B2C

New research: B2B customer experience still lags behind B2C


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You’ve certainly heard a lot of buzz about customer experience lately, and your’e probably thinking, “Am I missing something?”

Your organization sells to other businesses and organizations. Your buyers know how you operate and how you service them.  It’s about the relationship. Your customers know you and have done business with you for many years. Sure, some of your processes can be better but your customers have accepted them—or at the very least, you don’t hear anything to indicate that they’re unhappy. Experience is probably important, but is it really that important for your company and industry?

Recent Econsultancy research, commissioned by SAP Hybris, reveals that nearly 60% of the respondents from B2B organizations consider their customer experience strategy to be advanced or very advanced.

This is clearly an acknowledgement from majority of the respondents in B2B organizations that customer experience is a strategic imperative. Buyers in organizations are individuals. They want an experience is that pleasant, easy, and engaging. If the overall experience is subpar, they have a reason to look elsewhere, driven by the contrast to the experience they receive as an individual consumer.

So, the answer is yes, customer experience is very relevant to B2B organizations as well. Customers expect great experience and brands that deliver it win!

But don’t get too excited—there’s another key finding to share, one that isn’t quite as warm and fuzzy. It turns out that many B2B organizations are just getting started with their customer experience strategy.  Only 16% of the respondents claim to be on par with B2C organizations in delivering customer experience.  In other words, majority of the industry still have a lot of work to do.

The good news is that if you are just starting to consider customer experience as a key component of your overall strategy, you’re not alone.  However, it is time to raise the priority and urgency of this topic within your organization.  It is time to start on the journey.

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