Last updated: How to get people to consume your content in a noisy world

How to get people to consume your content in a noisy world


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According to IBM, we create over 2 quintillion bytes of data daily. Even more astonishing? Over 90% of what exists today was generated just within the last few years.

That breaks down to millions of bytes detailing everything from sending out tweets to shopping on Amazon. And while it’s easy to marvel at these statistics, it’s also easy to see what would get lost in the digital shuffle.

So how you can make sure that your branding and content marketing efforts stand out from the constant noise that is present daily in our lives? I have a few ideas on how you can make your message heard.

Listening to your audience to find the ideal influencer for your needs

Even with the rush of content inundating us on a daily basis, it’s still possible to find the perfect person who can help deliver our missive to the masses. How, you ask? By taking an opportunity to truly make sure that you understand the needs of your target audiences.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your client base to learn what drives them. How they love to spend their time. What gives them joy? Only then will you get a better picture of the ideal influencer for them.

For example, if you are looking for a way to market your latest boy band with teens, then it would be helpful to gauge the type of communication that they feel most comfortable connecting with. So instead of relying on a platform such as Facebook, you would maybe turn to Snapchat instead. The selection is a perfect choice, considering that the app is increasingly becoming the communication model of choice for youth because of its easy video and filter capabilities.

Plus, there are a host of SnapChat stars that are just waiting to use their considerable fan bases to move downloads on the iTunes chart.

Personalizing your approach

Once you find your rock star influencer, it’s time for you to engage with them to create meaningful bonds with your brand. Remember, influencers are not one size fits all. So you have to cater your approach to them. Find out how they want to interact with your brand. Are they open to receiving a newsletter and a product sample? Or will the chance to interact with others make a difference?

Figure out how to make them feel special, and they will go the extra mile when the time is right.

Go long before asking for help

Like with any long-term relationship, you have to take time before moving on to a commitment. So be sure to properly build your ties to your influencers before they step into the important role of representing your company. Not only will this ensure that any testimony they give on your behalf will be authentic, but it will also prepare you for any possible surprises beforehand.

Track your relationships

Remember that in marketing you have both external and internal customers. External customers are those who pay for your product and services. Internal customers are those who are part of your organization, such as leadership or to a lesser extent, internal influencers. You’ll need to be able to manage both types of clientele to keep your brand healthy.

Key takeaways

You can make your message count, even in a noisy, content-rich environment, if you know your audience.  Take time to learn what drives your key clientele and select the right influencers who are capable of carrying your message to the masses. Remember, your relationship with influencers should be a long-term one. So take time out to really build alliances with them in terms of product loyalty before asking them to represent your brand.

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