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How to get BIG impact from bite-sized content


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I’m sure you’ve heard the English proverb about good things coming in small packages, right? It’s the idea that sometimes the smallest gift can offer up the biggest dividend, and that holds true when it comes to bite-sized content.

Of course, this adage has historically been applied to everything from the Mini Cooper to Hershey’s Kisses. But amazingly enough-the concept of thinking small for maximum results is also perfect when it comes to sharing content.

The fact remains that much of what content marketers share on social networking gets lost due to consumer’s inability to digest your big idea all at once.

Which is why I love content atomization as an effective tool to communicate your message in a way that is fully scalable.

This can be done by creating items such as memes, gifs, or short video content.

Anything that can be distributed via social media while leaving an impression on users without a lot of explanation. This principle works because having various versions of your message increases the chance of reaching your target audience. So even if they don’t immediately reach for the detailed op-ed that you wrote for the Wall Street Journal, they may gravitate towards your company once they read a blog post or listen to short podcast.

So if you’re ready to learn how to make snack-sized content that resonates quickly, here are a few tips.

Review your existing content to see what can be atomized 

Shrinking down your message doesn’t mean that you have to recreate the wheel. This is the perfect time to look over your existing collateral (think white papers, journal articles, video tutorials) to see if they can be transformed into a separate item.

The important thing to remember is that the smaller content must contain a definitive narrative that is easy to understand. So it’s important to avoid things such as jargon or dated references. Ultimately you want your message to grab your viewer the first time they see it.

Plan for atomization as you create new content

Once you have a handle of your current stable of collateral, it’s time to evaluate your future communication plans to see how you can make the marketing materials more shareable. Ideally, you should consider multiple forms of content for each message you are looking to convey.

For example, a white paper can be easily summarized in a blog post. Perhaps you can consider taking key points of a webinar and turn it into an infographic or a short YouTube clip.

As with every marketing content message, you must be sure to consider the audience when determining how to shrink down the idea. Looking to connect with millennial entrepreneurs? Considering creating a short piece for Snapchat. While a Facebook clip might be perfect to reach older clients.

Ultimately how you distribute the message is just as important as the message itself. So review your choices of social networking platforms as you craft your content variations.

Reevaluate the way you measure the message’s effectiveness

As you are looking for ways to shrink your content, be sure to consider how you are tracking your message for effectiveness.

The best atomized campaigns are data driven, offering content marketers a way to create benchmarks and track the various formats for maximum results.

You can have multiple platforms for your idea, but there’s only one solid objective-getting your brand in front as many people as possible. Therefore, having measurable marketing objectives can help you determine if your bite-sized content is working so you can make changes quickly and efficiently.

Key takeaways for bite-sized content

If your brand’s big ideas are getting lost in the shuffle, perhaps it’s time to repackage it into something that consumers can easily digest.

Along with the traditional marketing vehicles, consider utilizing things such as memes and clips to generate excitement for your company. Ideally, you should have multiple variations of your message so that you can expose it to as wide a client base as possible. Be sure to create solid benchmarks for each shareable so that you can determine its effectiveness.

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