Last updated: How health care providers are winning at customer service

How health care providers are winning at customer service


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Technology has taken over the world, that’s no secret. From grocery and retail stores focusing on omnichannel, to having the ability to take online classes for just about everything, technology has definitely entered nearly every facet our of lives.

One industry in particular that’s moved to the digital side is health care, and is one of the most important sectors to do so.

Unlike grocery and retail, health care effects people on a daily basis, and if the customer service is poor that could mean life or death for someone.

How modern health care customer service can benefit patients

Patients with chronic diseases who are on multiple medications, have frequent tests and procedures, and have to deal with symptoms and management of their health issues on a daily basis can find tremendous benefits from digital customer service and options with regard to their healthcare. Benefits include:

  1. Quick, easy access to customer service ensures health records are updated and accurate, improving the quality of care
  2. Fast, reliable service improves health care customer experience
  3. Tasks such as appointments and payment are streamlined

The advent of digital health care platforms like MyChart allows patients and physicians to have an ongoing conversations, bypassing the frustrations of waiting on hold or making appointments that didn’t need to be held. When patients need assistance, refills, or don’t feel well, they can easily send a message and receive a response within 24 hours, and vice versa.

Tools like MyChart also have mobile apps developed for convenience, an important consideration when 74 percent of people in the US alone have smartphones. Health care providers have gotten on the digital bandwagon and know that technology is the best way to stay connected to their customers and patients, even when they’re not in the office.

And, as health care providers have added digital tools to the mix, customer service has exponentially increased. Patients can now easily reach their health care provider, whether it’s to schedule an appointment, pay a bill, or refill a prescription.

Exceptional customer service benefits providers as well by increasing customer satisfaction, boosting customer loyalty, and improving operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

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