Last updated: 3 ways to move beyond personalization to in-the-moment marketing

3 ways to move beyond personalization to in-the-moment marketing


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As personalization of the customer experience evolves, it becomes more contextual in real-time and less templated mass outreach. Even predictive modeling to anticipate customer behaviors and to identify hidden trends, is insufficient to meet increasing customer expectations of on-demand and relevant engagements. In other words, a higher order of personalization is now required, the kind that can only be delivered by in-the-moment marketing (understanding the real-time context of customers to deliver customer experiences that meets their needs and interests).

Here are 3 ways to drive in-the-moment marketing:

Modern technology creates the opportunity to marry relevant customer information with real-time customer experience. Whether matching on-site on-demand content with offers and promotions, the customer is given the right information at the right time. This enables marketers to:

  1. Gain deeper customer insights

Customer insights no longer have to be calculated based on static segmentation, consumer behavior tracking and limited customer profiles. Data has historically been diluted across multiple tools and technologies, siloed by department and inaccessible to those who could use it most -marketing and sales. Pulling together the data into one place within a certain time period requires resources and time to get it right.

In-the-moment marketing allows marketers to:

  • Capture and enrich customer profiles with offline and online information across the enterprise, which is enabled by integrated access to data and actionable analytics.

  • Anticipate customer behaviors by discovering hidden trends, understanding customer sentiments and gaining insights at the individual customer level.

  • Accurately define micro-segments and target audiences with powerful discovery and visualization tools that blend implicit and explicit customer information in real-time.

  • Real-time data sources like location and session information provides key customer information that can be leveraged to execute customer engagement across the enterprise.

In-the-moment marketing enables deeper customer insights to target, engage and convert more customers.

  1. Market with speed and agility

Today’s customer requires in-the-moment relevant offers and product support that is engaging and high quality.  In-the-moment-marketing supports an agile marketing response that allows:

  • Quick reaction to market realities (meeting the dynamic needs of the customer). Fast delivery with quick start implementation guides extend the marketing reach with data-based scenarios and sales actions.

  • Alignment of resources and activities so that a single platform manages marketing plans, calendars, real-time budgets and expense management.

  • Understanding of details behind the numbers enabling a real-time fast response to customers and opportunities.

  • Consistent brand experiences across the customer journey –whether channel or device.

Today’s marketing environment is dynamic. With windows of opportunity that are only available for hours. To meet these demands, organizations must have the ability to react quickly so they don’t miss these opportunities.

  1. Deliver relevant contextualized customer experiences

With the availability of online reviews, offers, social media messaging, and location identification, brands have the ability to engage customers wherever they are. In-the-moment conversion opportunities powered by relevant contextualized customer experiences provide meaningful engagement across the enterprise.

Contextualized customer experiences enables companies to:

  • Continuously adjust and optimize ever-changing customer preferences, purchase decisions, and experiences by providing relevant experiences, seamlessly across channels.

  • Provide an integrated ecommerce experience that incorporates key events and decreases shopping cart abandonment.

  • Convert audiences into loyal brand advocates with real-time loyalty and rewards programs, offered in real-time seamlessly across channels.

  • Move customers through their journey by providing relevant, contextualized experiences and offers, providing brand transparency and supporting increased customer loyalty.

In-the-moment marketing allows you to consistently bring context and high powered personalization to customers to build loyal customers and brand advocates. In the digital age, customers’ growing expectations of the perfect engagement experience can only be met by understanding their needs and intent at the moment of the interaction. The power of consumers to engage their peers cannot be consistently  leveraged without the right technology.

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