Tomorrow may be too late: The importance of real-time in sales


Raise your hand if you’ve crooned the lyrics of Amanda by Boston, “and tomorrow may be too late.” If you haven’t, no worries. You don’t need to have amazing taste in music, or name that tune in 60 seconds, but to be a rockstar in sales, you need to know be informed and relevant in the moment, or else your competitor will swoop in and drop the mic.

“No matter the company, or industry, all sales teams have one thing in common: they want to sell more,” explained Shalini Mitha, Head of Global Solution Marketing at SAP Hybris. “In the digital economy, agility becomes key. You need to arm your sales team with what they need, when they need it.”

“Many CRM systems contain a wealth of information, but the data contained is useless if does not provide actionable intelligence,” Mitha continued, “by utilizing SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, you’re empowering your sales teams with the information and insights they need, in real time. Having this powerful tool at their fingertips, anywhere, on any device, allows sales professionals to keep the customer at the center of their focus, which is the secret to customers becoming loyal advocates of your brand.”

Modern sales: No matter the challenges, cloud offers solutions

The pace of sales today is faster than it’s ever been. Paired with the requirement of being incredibly knowledgeable, sales professionals are also tasked with needing to know the customer, or potential customer, inside and out. A sale can be made or broken if the customer doesn’t feel their representative understands them and the unique challenges facing their particular industry.

Of course sales isn’t just about gaining new clients, it’s also about keeping the clients that you do have happy, because more than likely, your competitors are knocking on their door, hoping for a way in. Your sales force needs to keep pace in an ever-changing world, utilizing multi-channel, in real-time, with simplified collaboration among multiple stakeholders. If a sales rep isn’t keenly aware of issues their customers face, the relationship is on the line.

“Being able to track all customer interactions, then leverage those interactions as part of the conversation with the customer is truly required to do business today,” noted Tom Young, SAP Hybris Account Executive. “Contextualization is crucial. Today’s velocity of business means the difference between a contextual conversation, versus having to say I’ll get back to you tomorrow, and tomorrow might be too late.”

“Cloud-based platforms are key to digital transformation. If a customer isn’t thinking cloud, then they are behind,” added Dan Morgan, Senior SAP Hybris Account Executive. “I’m on the road 5-6 days a week, and SAP Hybris Cloud allows me to make changes on any device, and have it update across all devices, which is tremendously helpful. I’m spending less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on my customers.”

Break free: Out of the silo

Created with mobile in mind, cloud takes customer information from various divisions and places it in the hands of those who need it, allowing your sales team to adjust and forecast in real-time. “Sales are never one to one, but are one to many. Throughout our organization, we’ll have 10-12 people engage to assist customers, and all of us need to be on point, and understand the status of opportunities and the status of our relationship with customers,” said Young.

“Silos are barriers to real time conversations with your customers,” continued Young, “either the information is incomplete, or it takes much longer to get, thereby slowing down customer conversations and agility.”

“SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer allows your team to focus on the things that make them successful,” said Mitha, “They can be more productive, get realtime insights and collaboration, and have access to the information when and where they need it.”

Indeed, in a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study, Forrester found that a composite organization realizes a 437% RIO, a $4 million income increase, a 35% boost in productivity, and an average deal size increase of 28% after investing in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer.

Interested in learning more about how SAP Hybris can help your sales team more agile? Download the Forrester TEI study here!  

Jenn Vande Zande
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August 10, 2017
Jenn Vande Zande

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