Last updated: The road to discovery: 5 great reads to help you blaze a path for your brand

The road to discovery: 5 great reads to help you blaze a path for your brand


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Leonardo da Vinci noted, “There are three classes of people: Those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see.” It is this spirit of discovery which drives the essence of who we are, or who we are not.

Looking at what the future holds is our mission here at The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce—it’s even spelled out right there in our name! We’re always looking for new ways to approach customer experiences and to help you walk a path of discovery.

With that in mind, we pulled together five posts that embody the qualities of the explorer, the pioneer using data, information and, yes, even intuition, to drive the kind of great experiences that modern consumers demand. Enjoy!

The journey is the destination

Keeping in mind that each interaction with the consumer is a critical part of the customer journey, Martin Stocker shared his own experiences and thoughts on how convenience can lead brands to unparalleled customer loyalty.

Seizing opportunity

The mindset of seeing opportunity within challenges is crucial to the future of business. Julie Bernard of Verve delved into the possibilities of mobile marketing as brick and mortar stores begin to close.

Level up

Learning from the most competitive of environments can help you stand out among competitors. Mark de Bruijn explored the lessons that marketers can learn from the gaming industry.

Rethinking your approach

Happy customers make loyal consumers. Steve Hamrick explained the advantages of reconsidering the customer journey with customer service at the center of each interaction.

Enlightened pathways

A Renaissance Man, da Vinci is possibly one the earliest adopters of exponential thinking according to Jonathan Becher. In this popular post Becher explained how the mindset of creating solutions for things that don’t exist yet bridges the Renaissance Era with the Digital Era.

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