Last updated: Hey Siri, Alexa is calling: AI business benefits

Hey Siri, Alexa is calling: AI business benefits


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Artificial intelligence used to conjure up images of robot overlords, but AI doesn’t mean a dystopian future. In fact, artificial intelligence has already begun to enhance our daily lives, and AI business benefits are also improving the customer experience and bottom lines.

Encompassing machine learning and deep learning, AI affords us the opportunity to forge better relationships as it completes rote tasks for us, allowing us more time to engage.

Wondering what artificial intelligence means to you, data privacy, and future of business? Here’s our top five posts on the topic.

AI business benefits: Top 5 posts on the topic

AI retail trends

From websites that evolve with the customer to virtual mirrors, AI offers infinite opportunities to retailers. Mark de Bruijn weighed in with 8 must-know trends when it comes to artificial intelligence and retail.

Engaging the customer

The future of customer engagement relies on AI. Randy Kohl of Gorilla Group delved into how the landscape of e-commerce, and commerce in general, is being altered by artificial intelligence.

To discover AI business benefits, help – don’t haunt –  your customers

Customers can easily become unnerved by the concept of AI, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Michele Hackshall explained how companies can use developments to assist consumers rather than frighten them.

B2B is transforming, thanks to AI

The dawn of AI means that B2B businesses need to begin offering the convenience that B2C delivers. Liz Duggan of Siteworx explored what it’ll mean to stay competitive in the days of artificial intelligence.

Amazon knows

One of the most sought-after items that AI offers isn’t a product-it’s the intangible benefit of making life easier and granting more time to customers. It’s all about convenience, and Amazon knows that.

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