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5 ways to boost CX and provide outstanding customer service


The dawn of the digital era has been terrifying to businesses who haven’t paid attention to providing an outstanding and personalized customer experience, and if they’ve ignored their customer service as well, you can count them among the walking dead of organizations.

If you’re searching for ways to provide excellent CX and customer service, look no further. Here are our top five posts on the topics!

Proactive customer service is the new black

“Let’s face it. These days, customer satisfaction and loyalty are hard won. With the click of a mouse, customers can change brands and products, cancel warranties and contracts, and decline technician service calls.”

Lisa James details three ways that companies are providing proactive, rather than reactive customer service, and how it boosts their bottom lines.

B2B customer relationships as we knew them are a relic of the past

“According to McKinsey, 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated, so it’s vital for companies to get the experience right.”

B2B companies are facing a massive learning curve when it comes to delivering outstanding customer experiences. If they don’t, even their most loyal clients will consider leaving. Gurdeep Dhillon delves into how to assess your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to customer experience so that you can provide an outstanding interaction each time the interact with your company or brand.

Customer experience management should be your first priority

“The customer experience can make or break an organization. Therefore, it is very important that you optimize the customer experience continuously. But how do you know where you stand? And what strategy do you follow to offer a state-of-the-art customer experience?”

Mark de Bruijn discusses the pitfalls that companies face if they don’t take the complete CX seriously. He warns that by the time your customers start complaining, it’s already too late.

The B2B e-commerce customer experience is not what you think

“B2B digital commerce is not just a B2C experience with tacked on functionality. While customer experiences driven by e-commerce strategies is becoming the biggest competitive advantage for B2B companies, I often find that most businesses are working under a false belief that B2B e-commerce is simply an enhanced B2C model.”

Evan Klein, President and CEO of Zaelab, reveals the rising complexity of the B2B customer experience and what true B2B e-commerce really means in this fantastic post.

For 47 percent of consumers, a poor CX sinks brands

“Brand loyalty was once the vessel that couldn’t be sunk, as consumers tended to stay with a familiar brand rather than venturing into unknown waters. That ship has sailed, and 47 percent of consumers today report that if they continuously encounter a poor CX, they’ll spend money with a competitor, despite having been a faithful customer for years.”

In this post, Jenn Vande Zande lists the most important attributes of CX, according to the customer, and how your company or brand can provide what they need.

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