Examples of digital transformation: 6 companies leading the way


I discussed the importance of digital transformation for any company today in part one of this series, as it allows them to deliver an experience that their customers have come to expect.

Today I am sharing transformation success stories from the perspective of those within the company. While each story is unique, there are similar best practices shared.

Examples of digital transformation success stories: Six companies that shine

Porsche places the customer at the heart of their strategy

Customer experience drives Porsche’s digital strategy. Porsche has heavily invested in understanding the Porsche driver. All customer data is pulled into a central CRM data center and allocated to a unique ID. Throughout the entire lifecycle, every customer interaction at every touch point is documented.

Thanks to this ID, Porsche knows their customer’s expectations for each touchpoint. The data also allows for real-time segmentation and predictive intelligence, enabling them to maximize campaign success. For example, only customers that are actually interested in purchasing a car at that moment are contacted, leading to a significant increase in their overall sales conversion rate.

Deloitte began transforming within

Deloitte (Professional Services) innovated themselves by founding Deloitte Digital Today, a competence center where all the technical, digital, and creative competencies come together to support their client base on their digital transformation journey.

In the panel discussion at the SAP Hybris Summit LIVE, Alcon Labs and doTERRA outlined the importance of Deloitte’s partnership to their organizations, including Deloitte’s digital and technical knowledge, as well as their ability to model the actual solution. This partnership has enabled both organizations to assess their current technology landscape, develop their digital transformation strategy, and build and integrate the new systems, side by side.

AmerisourceBergen made transformation a team effort

AmerisourceBergen realized early on in their journey that business transformation can only be successful when a culture of innovation is established across the entire organization. To prevent silos, the company established ten agile project teams throughout the organization, each of which focused on different parts of the business. Each team had to take ownership AND leadership of their own part of the business. With this approach, the company went live with this new platform in less than 18 months.

Launch, learn, pivot: Alcon and BMW debuted pilots in smaller markets first

Alcon followed a “launch, learn, pivot” approach: Start with a pilot transformation project in a smaller market to assure your customers are happy and everything is working correctly before the larger rollout. First debuted in the US and Brazil, Alcon’s initial transformation provided the roadmap to rollout in 27 additional countries within the next three years.

BMW first premiered their digital transformation in the smaller Mexico, Dubai, and Portugal markets so they could fine-tune their engines before focusing on the larger German market, which is their 2nd largest market worldwide. BMW execs noted that it is easier to scale up a solution after a successful implementation rather than scale it down.

Rockwell Automation: Connecting experience and enterprise

Digital transformation does not have a defined start or stop date for any organization. Rather, an environment of continuous improvement must be supported within. Rockwell Automation’s leadership team envisions the company becoming a fully connected enterprise in the future. To make this happen, their current digital transformation journey includes becoming a customer experience organization, laying the foundation to achieve their goal of connected enterprise.

When approached, planned, and followed the right way, digital transformation is a journey that allows organizations to set themselves up for future innovation.

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