Last updated: The future of work: How mobile will connect employees during crisis

The future of work: How mobile will connect employees during crisis


Throughout my career, it’s been my passion to foster ideas from the laboratory and see them through to launch. Whether it has been building satellites, creating artificial diamonds, or programming robots to find people in disasters, I have always sought to work on the cutting edge.

When it comes to mobile, often times flashy UI and latest design trends become considered the edge, but I see something much bigger: I’ve always believed that mobile experiences will transform the employee experience in the future of work.

SMS: Connecting lives

When I worked for a defense contractor, I traveled on a personal trip to India to visit relatives. While there, a disruption caused by an explosion occurred, and there was panic all around me. Tens of thousands of miles away from home, I felt very isolated. Less than an hour later, I received an SMS and phone call asking if I was okay, and whether I would like to come home early.

Imagine that: Feeling connected and relieved from a simple message. I felt incredibly grateful that my organization made that extra effort and had the empathy to reach out to me during this unplanned disruption.

What if all organizations could provide that impactful engagement to their employees? Since then, I’ve been thinking about this experience.

Intelligent interconnect

Today we have the capability to connect with 99% of consumers globally through intelligent interconnect services. When it comes to mobile changing the future of work, there are four key tenets that should be followed to place the power of care in the hands of enterprises:

1.  Use intelligent communication to reach employees at the right time, place, and technology channel

2.  Break down organizational silos to increase resiliency to planned and unplanned disruptions

3.  Use data as a currency – including risk content data, maps, and other digital signatures

4.  Build a consolidated end to end process by putting the employee at the middle to maximize resiliency

I’m proud to once again see an idea through to an actuality. Here at SAP Digital Interconnect we have launched a cloud-based solution to simplify this process for small, medium, and large enterprises called SAP People Connect 365.

Built on the fundamental need to provide care and intelligent communication based on risks worldwide and other disruptions, instead of organizations needing days to respond to emergent events, we want the response to occur within minutes, and have launched the solution in SAP Silicon Valley to respond to planned and unplanned disruptions.

Employees like the idea of having a tool that provides relevant information at the right time, via the correct channel, as it allows them to communicate efficiently. With a response rate of 90% in minutes for a few unplanned events we have ran, we feel that organizations can now truly be on the cutting edge, by providing care when organizations need it the most.

Check out Mobile First Podcast Episode 52 where I discuss this topic in depth, and share my views on how mobile will change the future of work.

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