Last updated: Simply the best: Top ten posts of 2017

Simply the best: Top ten posts of 2017


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2017 was an incredible ride at The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce. We celebrated readership growth of over 30 percent, and expanded our publication to an average of four times per week versus two times per week. That’s an incredible amount of thought-leadership to consume, and we want to thank you, our readership, for continuing to dedicate your very precious and sought-after time to our site.

As always, we were striving to keep you at the center of the content that we cultivated and curated. Paying close attention to the searches on our site, and the posts that resonated most with our readers, we wanted to deliver you only the very best content.

In 2017, visitors sought to better the customer journey in an omnichannel world, as well as information on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and e-commerce. Our most popular posts continued to focus on what the future holds – from the skies above to the ground below – from airlines to retailers, exceptional experiences for customers were at the forefront of consideration for our readership.

On behalf of SAP Hybris, please accept our sincerest thanks for continuing to trust us for all things thought-leadership. Now, without further ado, following are the top ten posts of 2017.

Top ten posts of 2017

Machine learning in retail is more than just the latest trend

Machine learning in retail takes the industry beyond the basics of big data. For years now we’ve been told that data is king and that it should be tapped for all decisions; what to stock, how much to buy, what products to suggest to repeat customers. But doing more with that data using machine learning is just what retailers need to really succeed in the current market.

This post by Angelica Valentine soared to the top of our most-shared and read content, and continues to inform and delight readers around the globe. [Read the full post]

Top 10 e-commerce game changers over the last decade

You’ve read plenty of articles about what the next ‘big thing’ in e-commerce will be, as well as about what is hot right now, so instead take a look back over the last ten years to identify the big game-changers in e-commerce. What technology, processes, or features have enabled e-commerce to continue to grow at such a huge rate?

With precise consistency, Branwell Moffat serves up the posts that our readers love to consume. [Read the full post]

Robots and AI in retail: 8 things you must know

“A new coat, please,” you say to the store robot, in a bit of a hurry. It notices that you’re in no mood for chit-chat and already knows that you have little time to spare on Thursday nights. The robot immediately presents three stylish coats, of course in your perfect size. A few minutes later, you’re outside again. Yes, in 2030 you’ll even be comfortable shopping in an actual brick-and-mortar store. And all of that will be made possible thanks to artificial intelligence.

Looking to the future of retail? You cannot journey there without reading this post by Mark de Bruijn. [Read the full post]

5 ways field service supports top-notch customer service

Sales organizations are often well-oiled machines, delivering the right product at the right time to customers. To keep customers happy after the sale can be more challenging, providing customer care that positively reflects the promises made during sales and by the larger brand. Field service either delivers on these promises, or undermines these efforts and brings down customer satisfaction.

Lisa James is the expert on all things customer service-related, as this post demonstrated. [Read the full post]

Why every company needs a Chief Revenue Officer

The Chief Revenue Officer, a role first popularized by high-growth Silicon Valley startups amidst a whirlwind of innovative new business models, products, services, is quickly crossing the chasm into the mainstream.

Now, companies of all sizes, across many industries are re-inventing their products, sales and revenue generation processes to scale repeatable and predictable revenue, and to monetize disruption in their field. This is driving the need for a new breed of sales leader – someone who is responsible for optimizing all revenue generation processes within the company – the Chief Revenue Officer.

Nick Milani explained the importance of businesses adapting to the digital age in his post. [Read the full post]

B2B e-commerce: Top 3 areas of concern—and investment—in 2017

What are B2B e-commerce executives most concerned about these days? Flexible payment options, personalized web content, and after-sales customer service. Forrester Research says B2B e-commerce companies generated $780 billion in 2015. Revenues are expected to continue growing over the foreseeable future, with the market ballooning to $1.13 trillion by 2020. That being the case, it comes as no surprise that forward-thinking executives are doing everything they can to grab as big a slice of the pie as they can.

It’s no surprise that Brian Beck had one of our top ten posts, the only question was as to which one. [Read the full post]

What Daft Punk can teach us about disruption

What better way to illustrate the realities of the disrupted economy we currently live in, than with the lyrics of the popularized Daft Punk song “Harder, Better, Faster Stronger.” With their “Stormtrooper” helmets and highly digitized musical style, this French duo conjures images of powerful, digital forces infiltrating our lives—the future is here, whether you’re ready to embrace it or not.

Isabelle Roussin’s post performed for throngs of our readers in 2017. [Read the full post]

Microservices will help your business survive the digital transformation

“Disruption” is a word you hear thrown around a lot in the tech world. Everyone wants to disrupt, while at the same time they fear being on the receiving end of it. What does “digital engagement” really mean? In the new reality, there will not be a line between products and services in the minds of consumers.

Brian Wasson delved into the fine details of what it means to practice true omnichannel in the digital age. [Read the full post]

Shopping in the digital age: A tale of two grocery experiences

Imagine not just gaining a customer, but gaining a loyal customer who touts the praises of your brand to all of their neighbors, who in turn begin using the brand.

Imagine losing a customer, not just any customer, but a lifelong and loyal customer, who expresses her genuine sorrow and frustrations when talking about your brand.

That’s the new reality of shopping in the digital age. [Read the full post]

Examples of digital transformation: 6 companies leading the way

The importance of digital transformation for any company today is critical, as it allows them to deliver an experience that their customers have come to expect. Learn about transformation success stories from the perspective of those within the company. While each story is unique, there are similar best practices shared.

Sigrid Janhsen made her debut post on our site this year, and demonstrating fantastic abilities, snagged one of the top posts of 2017, despite it having been published at the end of November. [Read the full post]

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