Last updated: Infographic: Conversational commerce explained

Infographic: Conversational commerce explained

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Digital assistants have thrust conversational commerce into the spotlight as retailers and brands seek to take advantage of voice-driven shopping via the likes of Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

“Conversational commerce has the potential to reshape the customer experience for every brand in the world,” states Jack Dyson. If brands and retailers haven’t already devised a strategy for voice-driven conversational commerce, they’d be remiss to wait any longer.

Infographic: Conversational commerce explained in four stages

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As marketing experts and retailers know, today the key to engaging and retaining customers is offering a personalized customer experience. Voice assistants allow brands to become integrated in the personal spaces of consumers, including their homes, vehicles, and businesses.

Once they become a trusted member of the household, retailers can respond immediately when consumers indicate that they need a particular item. As digital assistants become more and more commonplace, so does the opportunity to engage consumers in meaningful ways via relevant offers and content.

“When Siri was first released a few years ago, it seemed that her main function was to have people shout unspeakable sentences to her to test her array of smarty, generic retorts. Now that voice and conversational commerce are getting a foothold in our everyday lives, the time has come to move on from voice assistants with a mono-cultural background expressed with all-purpose phrases. The way we relate to shopkeepers and salespeople may greatly vary based on geography and culture,” pointed out Erica Vialardi.

Syncing tailored customer experiences with e-commerce and retail messaging allows your customers to engage with your brand whenever they’d like. Conversational commerce is the voice of the future, and the future is now.

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