Last updated: A recap: Vive la CX TweetChat!

A recap: Vive la CX TweetChat!


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Words were exchanged, tweets were flying, and one thing is abundantly clear is amongst marketers: the customer experience revolution is a hot topic!

We had influential thought leader Paul Greenberg weighing in on the interaction of big data and analytics across customer touchpoints and tech-supremo Eugenio Cassiano evangelizing on the need for a customer success model of management waxing lyrical on the need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and take into account the implications of machine learning and artificial intelligence on customer relations.

Personalization and the need to develop empathy-led methodologies, leading to a more nuanced understanding of your customer was debated, with some arguing the overall experience is what counts, and others fiercely moving for a step-by-step and responsive strategy that is geared towards the individual for the best customer experience possible, leading to a customer-for-life.

On analytics and big data, concerns were raised. How do we as marketers secure the information we need to provide an excellent customer interaction, whilst respecting customer privacy? Theories also abounded about how to get the customer experience right.

Below are a selection of thoughts from participants in the TweetChat…

Moritz Zimmerman (@mortizzimmerman)

“Using emerging technology can be thrilling but it’s essential that it provides value to the customer and is rooted in consent #CXTweetChat”

Paul Greenberg (@pgreenbe)

“CX is how a customer feels about a company over time. Getting it right means the company DNA is mutually providing & getting value (…)”

On what priorities are key, it was agreed that aligning sales & marketing efforts would lead to be a better rounded experience. Timo Elliott (@timoelliott) went further …

“#CXTweetChat Marketing orgs in particular, have to realize that the most important “brand-building” they can do is help optimize the end-end customer experience, even what that’s “not marketing’s job …”

Modern business, meet revenue:
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