Last updated: Beach reads: Our most popular posts of the summer

Beach reads: Our most popular posts of the summer


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As summer begins to fade into fall, we wanted to relive some moments in the sun by sharing what you, our readers, were reading and recommending this summer.

Following are our most popular posts on The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce during the summer of 2018.

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

The difference between omnichannel and multichannel confuses even the best of us. Though this post was written in 2017, it remains one of the most-read of the summer.

Read about how the processes vary, and which you should incorporate here.

Leading by example

“But what is digital transformation?” I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard this question. As we all know, sometimes the best answer is a real-life example.

Read this post to discover the companies who are bridging the digital divide with ingenuity and know-how.

I, Robot; You, Commerce

Artificial intelligence has been a boon to e-commerce, but how, specifically? Discover how AI is transforming transactions across the globe in this post.

Customers first

No brand can survive without customers, which is why it’s so important to have a customer-centric organization that reacts to the needs of their consumers.

This post offers up the best ways to put your customer at the heart of what you do.

Not the item they’re looking for

Retailers who make the mistake of thinking that customers are only buying the product – and not also the experience – are gravely wrong.

Consumers today want convenience and outstanding service with each sale. This post provides the best way to deliver both and meet customer expectations.

Smart sales

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming the sales profession. What do you need to stay ahead of the game and keep your customers happy? Everything you must know about sales in the digital era can be found in this post.

Stand out from the crowd

Resistance to Amazon is futile, but there are some great ways to beat them at the retail game. How? This post delivers examples of retailers who are carving out unique experiences to keep customers loyal and wanting more.

What matters most

It’s easy to get bogged down in KPI’s, and panicked about how to meet them. What if we told you that there are only two KPI’s that really matter?

This post explains how to keep customers engaged and happy in an ultra-competitive world.

Can you hear me now?

The future of customer engagement lies in messaging – SMS and text messaging, to be exact. With an open rate of over 90%, organizations and brands need to recognize the power of the ping.

Don’t miss this post on customer engagement and conversion.

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