Last updated: The future of customer experience: 4 predictions for modern times

The future of customer experience: 4 predictions for modern times


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The future of customer experience is a tale of data. It’s also a tale of why the adoption of cloud-based customer systems and the future of customer relationship management is something to keep your eye on.

Marketing’s holy grail: Balancing data privacy with personalized CX

Winning or regaining the trust of customers comes down to a focus on two key elements: transparency and control.

Consumers will no longer accept companies stalking them across the web. Transparency means that customers should understand what data is being collected from them, and how and why it’s being used. This is the surest way to build trust with customers and keep the business out of harm’s way.

Customers having access to and control over that data is equally important. The GDPR requires that organizations enable rights for customers to view, download, update, delete, and freeze processing of their data in a self-service manner. It also requires companies to ensure customers have the “right to be forgotten.” This is best accomplished through an intuitive, self-service preference center that gives customers easy yet comprehensive access to their data, as well as the ability to exercise their rights under GDPR and other new privacy directives as they come online.

Businesses of all stripes are looking to implement systems that can help them directly attract, convert, and retain customers. The ultimate goal is to create more value-based relationships based on consumers’ overwhelming preference for personalized online experiences, balanced with the kind of transparency and control that earns their long-term trust and loyalty. This balance is the holy grail of today’s marketers and advertisers.

In the future, the connected enterprise will hold the keys to the kingdom

As new and disruptive business models collide with a consumer base demanding the “next big thing” in customer experience, connecting data across the entire enterprise will become increasingly vital.

For example, contrasting the buying habits of consumers across regions and seasons with the supply chain and product development lifecycle can have a profound effect not just on customer experience – it can also vastly improve back-end efficiency by capitalizing on data analysis, ultimately leading to unprecedented economies of scale.

Organizations unable to realize the goal of a fully connected enterprise will begin falling behind those that do.

AI will further shape the future of customer experience

In 2019, companies will acquire more of a 360-degree view of the customer and address their technology infrastructure to better integrate with advanced analytics on a large scale, leading to increased AI-supported customer experiences.

Everything from web pages generated by a content management system to the timing of account registration offers will be supported by bot-driven, intelligent decision-making that will work on building responsive experiences between customers and brand, developing trust and strengthening loyalty and satisfaction.

Cloud-based systems will dominate the future of customer experience

The modern economy runs on data. The advent of internet and mobile computing technologies, along with a population of increasingly connected consumers and the rise of social networks means that virtually all commerce today is reliant on successful digital strategy.

As the digital marketplace has evolved so, too, has the need for organizations to get a handle on how they manage the valuable digitized assets needed to drive that strategy.

Todays cloud-based platforms offer vastly superior scalability, flexibility, and security when compared to legacy, manually-driven, on-premise systems. They also enable the ability to accommodate new, disruptive technologies and strategies such as systems powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Rather than replacing traditional sales, marketing, and service roles, centralized cloud platforms augment the efficiency and efficacy of these professionals’ ability to drive great, personalized customer experiences.

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