Last updated: Intelligent airline order management: An industry perspective

Intelligent airline order management: An industry perspective


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“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent species that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, businesses are standing on a precipice overlooking an ocean of change with a multitude of questions on taking the leap.

This is certainly true for the travel and transportation industry, especially for airline companies looking to overcome challenges and transform into smart, connected, intelligent enterprises.

But how can airline and travel companies continue to thrive in an evolving technological era?
A retail perspective might just be the answer.

Adopt a retail mindset to survive

The amount of airline passengers is set to increase two-fold in the next 20 years; creating challenges for airline companies to keep up with the influx of passenger demands, while at the same time provide outstanding customer service. Driving exceptional customer experience has become a focal point for airline companies.

By adopting a “retailers’ mindset”, airline companies can turn the challenge of increased complexity across products, services, and partner management into an opportunity of intelligent change management that breaks the barrier to entry through strategic collaboration.

Implement intelligent airline order management applications to thrive

As airline companies increasingly look for new ways to thrive in the experience economy, it is pertinent to note that they cannot merely adopt technology to transform.

They must simplify business models to manage the newfound complexity that comes with digitalization and fully harness the power of intelligent technologies. This is where intelligent airline order management is introduced.

What does intelligent order management offer airline companies?

  • End-to-end visibility
  • Strengthened customer relationships
  • Increased ROI

Using intelligent order management solutions, airline companies can facilitate integrated business processes to gain end-to-end visibility across products, partners and technology providers. Creating a more efficient entry to market and decreasing overall costs to envision seamless customer experience platforms, resulting in unprecedented ROI.

Through the convergence of open systems, airline companies can set a new standard for the travel and transportation industry by leveraging the adept capabilities of blockchain-enabled smart contracts.

With blockchain, airlines can drive business value in the form of smart contracts by automating settlement and remittance to drive transparent and integrated partner ecosystems that ultimately benefits all parties involved.

The sky is no longer the limit

Selling is easy, change management is hard. How airline companies adapt to the changing travel ecosystem is fundamental to thriving in the digital era. Relieving the pressure on servicing, fulfillment, and settlement through intelligent order management processes will set the early adopters and laggards apart.

Having exceptional customer experience has become a focal point for airlines, and intelligent airline order management plays a big role.

Digital transformation isn’t merely about adopting digital technologies to transform business processes. It’s about driving the shift to open and integrated systems across processes for digitized and more collaborative business models, thereby providing exceptional customer experiences for long-term customer loyalty.

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