Last updated: Secrets of email marketing companies: 4 steps to emails that get noticed

Secrets of email marketing companies: 4 steps to emails that get noticed


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Email: If you’re working for an email marketing company, you know you send a lot of it. And as a consumer, you know that your inboxes are overflowing with sales and marketing pitches from countless companies.

With email driving an overwhelming number of conversions, it’s all the more vital that your messages compete well against all the others messages that are inundating your clients and prospects. 

Ground control to Major Tom: What’s your email marketing problem?

There are some pretty simple self-checks that email marketing companies use to pressure test the quality of communications.

1. Verify that emails are making it to intended recipient inboxes. If you discover that the email your company is sending goes straight to junk folders or spam boxes, your IP reputation may be suffering. This background scoring system is used by email services and judges whether or not your enterprise is a “good” emailer. 

2. Make sure your emails display well across mobile and desktop formats. With over 50% of emails being opened on phones and tablets, the last thing you want to do is frustrate your loyal customers and target audience with wonky text or graphics that aren’t scalable.

There’s a small window to capture the recipients’ attention, and any perceived lack of professionalism due to formatting errors can really compromise your reputation.

3. Do a lot of people receive your messages, but hardly anyone responds? Make sure you know how to create compelling emails.

Closely examine the content – did the subject line grab the reader? Is the call to action clear and to the point? Be sure to keep your online correspondence punchy and brief so you can minimize eye-rolls. Nobody wants their audience decrying their marketing missives as TLDR!

4. Eliminate paralysis by using analysis. If you’re struggling with assessing the efficacy of your email marketing newsletters, look into analytics tools that will help you identify your send, open, and reply times.

Some email marketing companies can show you if someone has read the message, deleted it, forwarded it, or even what kind of device they were on. These services can help you understand trending in terms of what’s going on in your email interactions.

What’s next? Deciding on the best email marketing company for your business

After an honest look at your current method of email marketing, there’s plenty of room to scope out other products available.

If you’re still trying to send bulk email from your standard email service, it’s time to stop, for no other reason than the fact that many email providers will bounce bulk messages coming via your corporate email service. This is another issue that can damage your IP reputation, so using a dedicated email marketing service whose focus is centered on bulk email campaigns is critical. 

There are a lot of amazing marketing resources for sending one-off communications via email. These are great for when you’d like to thank someone via email for subscribing to your newsletter, advertise new products or services, or even on their birthday.

These automated email responses have the power to build value and trust around your organization. 

Crafting content with unlimited potential

Once you’ve decided on which of the email marketing companies to use, it’s time to create your content. Some of the best services offer you multiple ways to do this.

Often, you can choose from a plethora of templates offered by the service or import your own code. The built-in tools in most of these products make crafting quality emails truly easy. There are drag-and-drop functions that allow you to select from a wide variety of design elements, as well as the ability to store your logo and other digital assets on the given platform. 

Beyond design tools, there are mechanisms in these services to help test emails for spam. After all of the hard work put into tailoring messages, you’d hate to have a seemingly benign phrase or term end up directing your emails straight to the spam folder, or even banned before they cross the server.

Upping your email game

If your email game has maxed out and you’re wondering about better solutions, marketing software that can automate the email process using comprehensive workflows is worth a review. While researching available email marketing options, you’ll notice there are many single solutions which merge CRM products with bulk email marketing services. 

Email marketing is still one of the lowest cost and most effective methods of getting your company’s message to your leads, established contacts, and clients. It’s all about making sure your content shines and is well-received by these targets.

With so many options, from low to no-cost bulk services to fully automated platforms, there’s most certainly a perfect fit for your organization. 

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