Last updated: How email marketing automation can deliver great CX

How email marketing automation can deliver great CX


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You probably get marketing emails every day, too. It’s no surprise, since over 80% of companies use some form of email marketing software.

Here’s the surprising part: only about 51% of companies leverage the power of email marketing automation to reach their customers with the right content at the right time – not to mention save time and money by automating the repetitive manual nature of planning, creating, and executing their email marketing campaigns.

What would you say…you do here?

What’s the big deal with email marketing automation? It’s been around forever in internet years. What can it do now that it couldn’t do back when people wore high-waisted jeans unironically?

I’m glad you asked.

First, yes, it still does the same thing it’s always done – reach your customers via email to remind them that you’re still there offering great goods and services. But it does that so much more effectively now.

Sure, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but you can enjoy the improvements and adaptations made to it. Creating engaging content is so much easier now that text, image, and video can all be used in aesthetically pleasing ways to provide your customers with valuable and compelling content.

Even if an email doesn’t convert directly to a sale, respecting your customers’ time and attention by offering content of value to them continues building that trusting relationship with your brand, likely leading to future sales as well as sharing their positive experiences with other people. Email marketing solutions continue to evolve, and so must the marketer’s attitude and strategies for customer engagement to be carried out in email marketing campaigns.

Harnessing the upgraded superpowers of this ancient internet art can drive ROI up to a mind-blowing 4,400%.

It’s just we’re putting new coversheets on all the TPS reports before they go out now.

How email marketing automation saves time and money

Automating the email marketing processes saves time by handling mundane repetitive tasks that would otherwise have to be done manually. For. Every. Single. Email.

The return on your investment begins as soon as you set it and forget it*. Freeing up your human team members allows you to invest that time elsewhere for greater productivity.

*Just don’t actually forget it. You’ll use analytics to track and measure performance and adjust your strategy for optimal effectiveness.

In contrast to one-off email blasts, automated emails sent at peak times garner 119% higher click rates. With so many businesses still not taking advantage of automated email marketing solutions, your competitive advantage only amplifies.

And that’s just the automation of sending out individual emails. From creating drip campaigns that encourage and get greater response rates in terms of open and click rates to gaining deep insights about your customers, email marketing automation is a major asset to your business.

We’re trying to get a feel for how people spend their day at work…

Email marketing automation has evolved and remains one of the most powerful and valuable marketing tools in the age of digital transformation and the experience economy.

Leveraging the capabilities of responsive design, intuitive user interfaces, and the wonders of machine learning and AI, automated email marketing platforms have become virtual marketing arsenals.

Capabilities vary by platform, so it’s important to find the right one for your business. What do you need?

Benefits of email marketing automation:

  • Automate the life cycle of entire email drip campaigns triggered by customer or subscriber interests, interaction, behavior, history, and location.
  • Leverage built-in CRM and integrated multi-channel marketing efforts.
  • Create data-supported, empathy-driven content that is individualized to a segment of one.
  • Drive greater engagement with multimodal content including an optimal blend of text, image, and video.
  • Integrate robust automated email marketing solutions with your existing business solutions.
  • Engage customers and subscribers via timely and relevant SMS messages as well as email.

Customize your email campaigns quickly and easily with readymade templates to suit your brand and your message for maximum effectiveness. Use intuitive user interface to drag-and-drop email sections and components to meet your needs and reach your customers with the right individualized content at the right time.

Up your marketing game by letting the robots do the work

Drive your marketing and business operations with a potent combination of deep insights gained through machine learning and AI and an empathetic understanding of your customers’ needs and behaviors.

Use data analytics to learn what makes your customers tick. Email tracking, monitoring, and testing tools will help you discover what content resonates with them, when they’re more likely to open your emails, and even what subject lines get the best responses.

Let the robots do the work. Machine learning and AI gather info so you can tailor content and timing to give your customers the best experience possible. Building a strong and trusting customer relationship without resorting to cheap and desperate tactics has never been more important. Customers don’t have time or patience for impersonal, inauthentic content soaked with desperation. You’ll lose them at “Dear [customer name here].”

Marketing automation boosts ROI, engagement, and loyalty

Regardless of the cost – from free to cheap to top-dollar – you’ll know regret if your email marketing campaign sits idle while their weak customer support offers only thoughts and prayers to help you solve your actual problem while you’re on hold and hemorrhaging precious time and money, or leaving your forty-fifth voicemail.

In the end, find the email marketing automation platform that works best for your business. Going for all the bells and whistles may not be right path for your organization right now, so you’ll end up paying for a lot of features that you don’t need.

On the other hand, going for the free email marketing software simply because you see the word FREE…well, you know why going cheap for its own sake may backfire. Get the right solution for you. Find the platform that hits that sweet spot of doing what you need it to do, while also meeting your budget.

Investing in and implementing the right email marketing automation software for you is an easy way to gain huge ROI, generate more organic high-value leads to nurture down the funnel, and leverage those opportunities to create exceptional customer experiences at critical stages of your customer relationships: engagement, nurturing, closing, and retaining.

Your email marketing game will be present and important through every stage, so make it great now and enjoy the absurdly high return on investment as your organization thrives, grows, and wins the market.

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