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CX, connected: The benefits of a digital experience platform


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When discussing the benefits of a digital experience platform (DXP), it’s important to start with the CX-driven evolution that’s brought about so much change along the path to purchase and customer relationships.

Customers have never had it so good in terms of the plethora of possibilities available at their fingertips. As choice has increased, so has the clamor for a wider range of products to provide a consistently excellent customer experience. That’s where digital experience platforms shine.

What is a DXP?

DXP’s are designed to serve the needs of companies undergoing digital transformation with the ultimate goal of providing better customer experience. Often this comes in the form of a single product, but far more common is a suite of products that work seamlessly together.

Used correctly, DXP’s as enterprise software provide a revolutionary architecture to digitize business operations, deliver connected customer experiences, and gather actionable customer insights. Smoothly synchronizing content across verticals like IOT-enabled devices, web, and customer portals ties together the customer experience.

DXP’s can make it simple to connect a suite of digital enterprise products versus the greater level of effort of designing everything on an as-needed basis.

Benefits of a digital experience platform

All for one, one for all: a single unified platform

Front-end frameworks and other solutions typically revolve around a small number of use cases, meaning they can only design around a few specified scenarios. With a unified experience platform, multiple use cases can be planned for.

The key advantage of this is enterprise training. Organizations can train their team to handle a variety of situations thanks to the interconnectedness running through the software. It prevents silos and restricts the whisper effect (degraded information) from passing down the information pipeline.

Thinking out the box with countless tools

Most DXP’s come with a whole slew of out-of-the-box functionality, including content management, personalization, and targeting, security, collaboration, forms, workflow, analytics and optimization, commerce and more.

Multiple deployments are possible

The ability to manage all your pages and sites from one place is a massive benefit of digital experience platforms, and it’s possible to have a robust permissioning system to define roles and workflows.

Why is this important? To account for compliance and regulatory issues, ensuring companies stay on the right side of legislation, particularly with regard to privacy and customer consent, like GDPR.

In addition, a DXP brings together customer data from disparate systems across the enterprise to support the entire customer relationship from a single platform.

Countdown: Better metrics

The right platform often provides engagement metrics to help businesses understand which content is performing well and which isn’t. This allows them to make informed decisions about what pages and messaging are resonating with customers.

Imagine being able to respond in real-time to customer feedback and stay one step ahead of the competition with a snapshot of feedback based on useful data.


Collaboration is key to creating innovative digital experiences that excite. A suite of connected products that empowers business users from marketing and other departments reduces paperwork and bureaucracy.

A DXP makes it possible to discover what content resonates, and then collaborate with other teams to reuse that content at will across multiple sites and pages.

A brave new world

Developers have more tools at their disposal to build products and experiences with increasing extensibility, but don’t take this to mean that unified platforms are going away. The opposite is happening as more companies recognize the value of bringing together information and insights.

This ultimately means saved time, saved money, and greater compliance in the pursuit of customer experience excellence now and for the future.

Amazing every time.

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