Last updated: How field service companies can create perfect service moments

How field service companies can create perfect service moments


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Field service companies know that customer loyalty is the cornerstone of a healthy business and the foundation for business growth. Research shows that loyal customers buy more frequently, and their average purchase is larger. They’re more willing to try new offerings and more forgiving if you make a mistake.

And if you manage to keep your loyal customers happy and meet their expectations, they’ll become valuable advocates for your company.

But what creates customer loyalty? Customer service is a key driver for loyalty and customer service moments can make or break the customer experience.

But as a field service company, do you know what kind of moments you create for your customers? How did they feel after the field service visit?

How field service companies can create perfect service moments and customers for life

The truth is, you can’t know what your customers are feeling unless you ask. You may be happy that your technician was able to quickly repair the customer’s equipment, but do you know if the customer felt informed and updated during the process?

You might be pleased that your customers can contact you through different communication channels, but do you know how much effort they have to exert before they reach somebody who can help?

To create memorable service moments that drive customer loyalty, field service companies need to put the customer at the center of their focus, truly understand their experience, and continuously act to improve it.

1. Understand the full experience

It all starts with understanding your customers, employees, and service operations. If you don’t know what the customer experience is like, how do you know how to fix it?

If you don’t know how your service teams are doing, how do you know how to support them in their work? And if you don’t have insight into your service operations, how do you know what to improve?

To get the full picture, you must gather both experience data and operational data. Then you truly understand what is happening and why things are happening – and turn that information into actionable insights.

2. Act: Improve efficiency and information flow to minimize the hassle factor

When you know what’s happening and why, you can start mapping out an action plan. Customers expect speed, convenience, and reliability, so take a close look into your field service processes to improve efficiency and make things as easy as possible for them.

New technologies bring new opportunities for improving customer service, enabling companies to:

  • Create effortless self-service experiences to help customers help themselves
  • Ensure all service teams have access to relevant information wherever they are. Leverage back-office data for full transparency, and capture the information that technicians gather in the field. And always keep your customers informed of the status and the estimated time of repair.
  • Boost efficiency with intelligent technologies. Perform smart scheduling with artificial intelligence and enable predictive maintenance with the Internet of Things. Intelligent technologies can supercharge your field service and significantly increase productivity without additional headcount.

3. Grow your business by increasing customer loyalty and turning service into a profit center

Growth is essential for business survival and staying in the game. Improving customer service and creating perfect service moments help you build a strong, loyal customer base. But service can do more than that. Your field service reps are in the perfect position to help the customer and recommend value-adding products or services, such as spare parts and maintenance services.

And by capturing the information your engineers gather in the field, you will better understand your customers, and can use that information to create products and services that your customers truly value.

In today’s hyper-competitive market, agile and efficient field service that puts the customer first is a powerful weapon for gaining competitive edge. By providing service moments that are effortless for your customers, you can drive customer loyalty and growth for years to come.

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