Last updated: Modern marketing trends: The why behind the what

Modern marketing trends: The why behind the what


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Whether in business, fashion, or design, marketing trends are valuable indicators of potential areas of focus. Planning to engage customers for the entire year requires both discipline and creativity, can be challenging in an ever-changing market.

The general rule of marketing is to be aware of trends, employ them in your way, but never to let them override common sense.

Keeping all of that in mind, let’s take a look at eight marketing trends with a slightly different twist that will help you plot the best course for your business, your customers, and your ultimate success.

Modern marketing trends: 8 areas to watch

Behind every single trend for marketing, remember the person. It seems simple, and yet we often fall into the trap of faster, better, easier.

  1. Customer Experience

Customer experience will continue to gain momentum and attention. It makes sense, as the transaction of selling and purchasing evolves, the way we define each action has to grow.

From known customers to the unknown, creating satisfaction and establishing loyalty are essential to the experience. Wrapped up in these emotions are the elements of Google’s E.A.T.: Expertise, authority, trustworthiness, which all relate to a person. 

  1. Visualization

Creating multiple avenues for people to consume your content will always merit headlines. Comic books and Seen and Heard features, human beings love to acquire information in easily digestible morsels. The past few years have demonstrated that a failure to consider the full spectrum of content consumption is illegal.

For 2020, marrying the demand to promote your message and the desire to access valuable content will be a reliable tool for success.

  1. Employee Engagement

Harnessing the excitement of staff is going to a big one and here’s why our people are both fuel and air. They support the mission, strengthen the process, and in their loyalty, keep us striving for more significant gains.

Implementing programs that recognize effort, celebrate innovation, and honor the individual will increase effectiveness and strengthen endurance.  

  1. Automation

The ability to do more or to work smarter, with less effort, is a universally good thing. Automation opens the possibility of more responsiveness and a more streamlined process.

It’d be best if you did it with a healthy eye toward the human element, or it can become an exercise in diluting your brand. People want to trust you – make sure you continue to deserve it.

  1. Personalization

It follows that in the era of selfies and subscription boxes, consumers are becoming ever more demanding of personalization. People want to be seen, considered, and catered to, and those of us in the business of selling wish to be the ones they pick.

You have your choice of paid or free services for incorporating personalization, so keep in mind that the need to live up to the service and continue appealing to customers with a spirit of, “How may I help you at a higher level than the competition,” will be required. Do more than aim for better, be better.

  1. Video

Video, from YouTube tutorials to snippets of the animal kingdom, has cracked a wide appetite for content. This trend will continue, but how do you actively participate? You’ve heard the saying that curiosity killed the cat, but have you considered just how acutely human curiosity powers content consumption? 

Epistemic curiosity is a demonstrable trait in humans that represents our collective love of knowledge and desire to learn new things. The key to connecting with viewers will be performing for the audience. 

  1. Conversions

Can conversions be a trend? Yes, when you keep the spirit of customer service in your approach, your potential for achieving them skyrockets. Take a moment to think about yourself outside of your professional role. We are all potential conversions. What does it for you? Is it price? Is it speed? Is it an ineffable sense of pride or safety?

Chances are it’s a mix of things. When you are building your KPIs and establishing the paths, don’t let numbers be more important than people.

  1. SERP

The race for SERP will continue to be fierce. Creating content that positions you at the top can be the difference between success and failure. Now is the time for understanding the intent of consumers in their searches.

Remember the greeting card line, “When you care enough to send the very best.” Roll out the content that has the best of intentions; it satisfies the search and the person meant to engage with it.

The unifying theme year after year is speaking to the person. 

No matter what, as you meet each day, the 2020 marketing trends that will look and feel the best on you will be those that make people happy. You can and should do this.

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