Last updated: COVID-19 Update: Tuesday, April 21, 2020

COVID-19 Update: Tuesday, April 21, 2020


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There’s a lot going on. Here are today’s COVID-19 updates that you should know.

Your daily dose of hope

Italy is finally seeing a drop in active cases after two months of being ravaged by COVID-19:

It appears that a new round of funding for small businesses has been agreed upon in the states, and the bill will be announced later today.

A 99 year old WWII vet is inspiring people around the world with his fundraising efforts for the NHS:

News you need to know

Pushes to re-open the United States are underway, but experts are warning that doing so might have dire effects:

More than 2.5 million people have been infected with the coronavirus around the globe, and it’s killed more than 171,000 people. Approximately one quarter of the deaths (more than 42,300) have happened in the United States.

The financial fallout of the pandemic is affecting health workers throughout the United States. Doctors are taking pay cuts, layoffs are abundant, and many emergency rooms face closure:

Quote of the day:

“‎everything was changed / do you know what I’m saying / everything / everything was changed.” – Mary Oliver

Data of the day

Statistic: Share of people who lost income due to the COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and China 2020 (as of April 20) | Statista

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