Last updated: Custom analytics applications: Reimagining the future of business

Custom analytics applications: Reimagining the future of business


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The era of one-size-fits-all analytics is over… if it ever existed in the first place. Forward-thinking businesses are utilizing custom analytics applications to generate precise insights that:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Drive the business forward

Thankfully, businesses don’t have to settle for off-the-rack analytics anymore. It’s never been easier to create customized analytics solutions tailor-made for specific business cases across the enterprise.

Custom analytics applications: Valuable insights, unique to your business

“Custom analytics app building allows you to create enterprise-wide dashboards, robust applications, and provide your end users with guided navigation and drill-down capabilities,” explains Tammy Powlas, Senior Business Analyst and SAP Mentor.

Business users today have specific needs for analytics insights, no matter which application they’re using. A few of the benefits of a custom analytics application include:

  1. Delivering custom interactions on one platform
  2. Prototyping innovation via a committed environment
  3. Improving customer and user experiences.
  4. Creating sophisticated functionality with custom widgets
  5. Understanding performance and business impacts

As business intelligence use-cases become increasingly complex, enterprises need flexible, customizable workflows to remain competitive and meet the high customer standards of today.

Listen, learn, leap: Create your future today

In this episode of Tech Unknown, Powlas discusses how modern analytics solutions can provide business insights directly to the fingertips of end users in all departments of the organization.

Business executives will learn how to:

  • Get their own custom analytics applications up and running
  • What skills are required to build and maintain a custom application
  • What functionality to expect versus off-the-shelf solutions
  • How analytics will continue to evolve in the near future

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