Last updated: B2B conversion rate optimization: How to increase leads and revenue [infographic]

B2B conversion rate optimization: How to increase leads and revenue [infographic]


We know that today’s B2B buyers are looking for the same experiences that they have when purchasing something in their personal lives. This means enterprise businesses need to rethink traditional methods of connecting, and focus on modernizing the consumer journey. If you wanted to really simplify B2B conversion rate optimization, it all boils down to thinking like a customer – anything that you’d expect to be standard on a B2C site should be baked into a B2B site.

B2B conversion rate optimization: What it means and how to improve it

When discussing B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO), we’re talking about increasing the odds that a user will complete an action on your site. Typically you’ll define the actions that you’d like them to take when creating KPIs.

Examples of actions customers can take on your site: 

  • Buying an item
  • Adding an item to their cart
  • Downloading a paper
  • Engaging with sales efforts – requesting a quote, asking a rep to contact them, etc

Improving B2B conversion rate optimization: 

  1. Track, track, track: Lack of good data is often cited as the biggest barrier to lead generation. Tracking activity – as well as what works on your site and what doesn’t – allows you to stay engaged with the customer along their buying path.
  2. Secure with SSL https: Nearly half of visitors check the certification of a site before giving personal details.
  3. Make it snappy: If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, get ready to say goodbye to half of the people who visit.
  4. Words matter: Make your H2s engaging and your copy crisp.
  5. Custom images: If you want to stand out, using the same images that your competition could be using doesn’t make much sense. Make the site visually appealing.
  6. Mobile responsiveness: The early 2000’s are calling – they don’t want their websites back. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, not only will it make it harder for users to convert to a lead, Google will also downgrade your site in SEO standings.
  7. Make the call to action clear: Don’t leave things to chance – ask readers to click or download.
  8. Animation or video: Make the site engaging with video or different kinds of animation – offering content that stands out makes your business stand out.
  9. Chat it up: Offer a live chat option so that questions can be answered right away, on your site, versus visitors needing to leave your site to find what they’re looking for.
  10. Social: Don’t forget to display social channels – potential buyers will often visit those channels to see if your messaging appeals to them across the board.


B2B conversion rate optimization: Learn how B2B websites can generate higher conversion rates and more sales.

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