Last updated: We’ve made it this far: Surviving 2020

We’ve made it this far: Surviving 2020


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As countries are emerging from quarantine, and struggling with decisions regarding future lockdowns, the unknown can seem overwhelming. 

But remember: we’ve gotten this far. What kept us safe and sane during this eternal year?

A host of things, from baking to exercising, to primal scream therapy, and…other things.

Despite all the changes and ongoing turmoil, we do know one thing: e-commerce is driving the future of business – there isn’t an industry that hasn’t realized exactly what digital transformation means in 2020.

Join us for SAP Customer Experience LIVE 2020. You’ll hear from the businesses that have thrived, industry experts, and can network in our virtual lounge.

There will be learning, laughter, and probably even some tears as we discuss issues like emotional/mental health and diversity/inclusion.

Register here, for free.

SAP Customer Experience LIVE 2020 Preview Agenda


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