Last updated: From paper-based to advanced digital: The power of cloud solutions

From paper-based to advanced digital: The power of cloud solutions


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Yell Limited, a premier digital marketing services provider for all types of local businesses in the UK, needed to transform from product-oriented to customer-centric. Using next-generation SAP cloud solutions, they did.

Connecting consumers and businesses online is a big job. Despite a large customer base, Yell’s customer-facing solutions weren’t able to give a clear overview of all customer interactions, and they didn’t have features that customers demand today, like customer self service.

Using SAP Service Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, and SAP Commerce Cloud, Yell Limited gained incredible transparency into their customer processes, from first contact to after-sales support.

The objectives were to:

  1. Enable rapid response from lead creation to raise an activity and contact the customer, minimizing cool-off periods
  2. Add voice computer-telephony integration (CTI) capability, call recording, and dialer functions
  3. Reduce complexity by minimizing system customization
  4. Introduce customer initiatives, like onboarding and “in-life” features
  5. Replace silo-based processes with a complete, 360°view of all customer interactions
  6. Continue their existing strong relationship with SAP
  7. Gain real-time updates to assist sales and boost productivity
  8. Add customer self-service

Using the power of the cloud, they were successful in pivoting their business, maintaining a top market position, and enhancing brand recognition.

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