Last updated: No more waiting for a tech: Flexible field service for satisfied customers

No more waiting for a tech: Flexible field service for satisfied customers


You know how it is when things go wrong. Whether it’s our air conditioner or cable service, we hate waiting.

We want it fixed fast, by someone we can trust, at a time that’s convenient for us.

We have high expectations, demanding exceptional, positive, and memorable experiences from all interactions with companies we do business with.

The reality is that the bar is set very high when it comes to customer service, and all companies are expected to deliver, not just those on the cutting edge. 

Field service for the future: Provide the experience customers demand

With SAP Field Service Management, you can streamline your processes in order to provide the experience customers want. When a worker calls in sick, you can easily redistribute their tasks to ensure customers get the fast service they need. 

Choose the best technician according to their skills, speed of response, location, and availability. Filter these levels and have total overview over their progress. Technicians can update their location so your customers are never left waiting without information again.

There’s more: The customer receives an email and can rate their experience with an embedded widget that uses Experience Management solutions from SAP.

This feeds back to the service hub and informs future dispatch decisions. If the service was unsatisfactory, a new call can be created automatically so a manager can find out why. Key information is collected and then planning takes into consideration not only the best skill level fit, but the best soft skill fit too .

You send the right person to the right job, every time.

Everyone wins: Your customers are satisfied, your employees are happy, and your business builds customer loyalty to fuel growth for years to come. 

More options. More conditions. More stakeholders. More circling-back.
Modern selling is anything but simple.
Intelligent sales enablement starts HERE.

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