Businesses are being forced off a ledge: Are you soaring or plummeting?


2020 has forced businesses off a ledge. Many are discovering mid-flight if they have a parachute, a backpack, or wings. At SAP Customer Experience LIVE we’ll be talking about all of the topics relevant to companies today, from roadmaps to engagement to what it means to have purpose.

And we’re only asking for three hours of your day – then you’ll be able to access on-demand content that’s relevant or interesting to you.

Also…there’s an incredibly cool virtual lounge where you can network with peers, and connect with speakers, partners, solution experts.

SAP Customer Experience LIVE: The deets

At #SAPCXLIVE, we’re talking innovation and customer success across the following tracks:  

  1. Commerce
  2. Customer data
  3. Sales
  4. Marketing
  5. Service

Have product questions? Get answers from our experts. (You won’t believe some of the amazing demos!)

Regional questions? Yep. We’ve thought of that, too. There are spotlights and breakout tracks dedicated to what’s happening in areas around the globe.

🎼 If you stand for nothing Burr, what will you fall for? 🎼

We’re also talking the issues that are directly impacting brands today, including the importance of operating with purpose.

It’s not enough anymore that brands say they’re committed to change, the next generations of business leaders and buyers will be watching to see if you’re actually moving toward accountability.

So spending big money on grand campaigns stating you’re dedicated to certain causes or beliefs won’t be enough. If you’re not really moving the needle, soon there won’t be a needle to move.

The employee experience is crucial to a business succeeding – but employees are suffering. Have you addressed this?

Survey results and a quick scan of any social media quickly lets you know that employees are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, bordering on – or experiencing – burnout.

In addition to everything being online and minimal human connections, the societal upheaval that we’re facing is having a dramatic effect on individuals. And those individuals work for you. Any company that hopes to be operating in the future must address how they’re employees are feeling, and offer supports.

For that reason, we’ll also have a session dedicated to the health of your employees, from mental health to mindfulness.

When you’re working with the right people, challenges don’t have to be a leap of faith.

The businesses that are thriving despite everything 2020 has thrown our way have either previously embraced digital transformation, or who rapidly adapted thanks to organizations who have deep expertise in what it takes to make it in an online world.

We’ve got 40+ breakout sessions across five tracks.

And some fun, games, and comedic relief.

Oh, and it’s completely free.

Take flight. Soar higher.
And bring your customers in safely.
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SAP Customer Experience LIVE 2020 Preview Agenda

Jenn Vande Zande
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