Last updated: B2B CRM for e-commerce: Simplify the buying journey

B2B CRM for e-commerce: Simplify the buying journey


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The B2B buying journey is incredibly  complex. There are multiple stakeholders, myriad corporate policies to navigate, and specialized processes to complete.  Sales cycles can be long and arduous.

But it doesn’t have to be this way – B2B CRM can solve some of the most complex problems that businesses face.

Succeed across every channel: Learn how e-commerce CRM can help

You can simplify the process by giving business customers can same ease and convenience they get in the consumer world.

SAP Commerce Cloud can simplify the B2B buying process by empowering B2B customers to buy online, and work with the seller at their own pace.

Customers have access to a portal where they can:

  1. Manage accounts
  2. Set up company structures
  3. Set up brands
  4. Create sales hierarchies
  5. Set up cost centers
  6. Plan budgeting
  7. Create permissions

Complicated order and buying processes, including rule-based quotes and discounts, approvals, re-ordering, replenishment, and bulk ordering are automated.

AI and machine learning streamline the journey, but sales reps can jump in quickly when needed.

Give customers a choice and make things easy for them. Your customer satisfaction will soar, as will your sales.

Modern business, meet revenue:
– End-to-end connected data
– Engage quickly with a great CX
– Sell anytime, anywhere

Get going TODAY.


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